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Hunter couldn't take his eyes off the boy on stage. The moment he saw him walk up to him and dance right in front of him he felt love for him. he could move, and he had the pervect body. he was small and skinny. He could easily be lifted in his arms if he wanted. He would look so cute in a diaper too. And having him cling onto him in the night, oh! It would be a dream come true for him.

"What are you looking at?" Guy the Beta asked.

"My mate," Hunter answered and smirked at Guy's surprised face.

"I never thought id see the day."

"Me neither. After ten years I have finally found my boy. I was beginning to think I wouldn't have a mate."

"Same here. I'm happy you found yourself a little. He seems like he'll be a challenge. I dont know how willing hell be to be yours," Guy frowned. 

"I have a plan to make him mine. He will be mine. its destiney."


Anthony walekd into the diner where the rest of his friends were. There were four of them in total. Anthony, Chester, Manley, and April. Theyd been friends for several years, and Anthony cared for each one of them as though he was the father of them all. He wanted to make sure they were all protected and loved.

The four of them were roommates who lived above the diner. All the people there knew them and loved them. Even though they wrren;t the delinquent types, they were the ones who made sure people felt welcomed and loved in the community and protected. Even though everyone felt as though there was something else to protect over all of them, they still looked up to Anthony for guidance.

April owened the diner, so she could easily let her friends stay with her. She gave them all free food and Anthony helped out in the mornings in exchange for rent. And when he enterd she laughed at him.

"We should hanf you from the ceiling like a disco ball," she said.

"Wouldn't you love that," he said as he leaned over the coutner to kiss her cheek. "I could swing from the chandelier like sia."

"Oh, how id love that. How was the show?"

"He danced in front of a really hot guy who was staring at him all prey like," Chester said. "It was hot. I was telling him he should go after him and let him take over him.:

"Honestly, if that cuties doesn't mind, I would love to have sex with him. But it's not like that," Anthony said. "He would never want to date someone like me."

"Who wouldn't date who?" 

Anthony turned around and blushed as he saw the man from before standing in front of him.

"You," Chster said, and April hit him.

"He's joking," Anthony said. He stepped up to the man and smirked. "You saw my show, didn't yoy?"

"I did. it was quite sexy."

"Oh yeah. I get that a lot."

Hunter smirked and placed his hands on Anthony;s waits and pulled him into his chest. Anthony gasped as he felt sparks shoot through his contact points and shovered. He had never felt so good in his life.

"You like that, baby?" Hunter asked.

Anthony began to feel up and down Hunter's arms. "Oh yeah," he nodded. "I love it."

"It's all for you," he whispered.

Anthony liked being held in the man;s arms, but he didn't know the man well enough so he backed away from him. He frowned as he saw Hunter frown. "Well, I do hope to see you again."

"Oh, you will," Hunter said. 

"I'm going to sleep," Anthony whispered to April before kissing her cheek again. "Nice to meet you," he said to Hunter.

"I never got your name, cutie."

"Anthony. Yours?"


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