Voice of Reason is Not a Sensor

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When walking alone to the school with a weird rule about dating, which causes the twins to stay around to witness the graduation day aka love festival/confession day, Eila encounters something unusual.

There is a boomerang lying inconspicuously on the middle of her road.

On her right side, there is a line of bushes as tall as her shoulder. Maybe someone from the other side dropped the boomerang to this side? Picking up the boomerang, Eila puts it on top of the bushes.

As she continues walking, Eila hears something coming from the bushes. Seems like the boomerang's owner has come to collect it. Eila passingly glances back, to meet the eyes of a young man who is covered with leaves and sticks. He must have gone around the bushes to find his missing item.

In any case, after a passing glance and brief eye contact, the young man turns to the female student walking behind Eila, who is startled by that young man's sudden appearance.

Eila sees that young man notices the boomerang she put on the bushes. Good deed for the day done, Eila reflects, 'Today will be a good day'.

[ "Have you heard? A suspicious person is spotted,"
"Seriously? Is it you?" ]

Since Eriol is not being helpful, Eila has to go seek out Mahoro for the details of the rumour.

Mahoro laughs after hearing the reason, "You were just joking with him! Eriol should not be so petty!"

Eila refrains from explaining that Eriol knew she was seriously asking that question. Not as a joke or sarcasm. Eila quietly listens to Mahoro's account on that suspicious person.

A young man. Messy appearance. Not a student. Nobody knows who he is. Just appeared suddenly without warning. Wearing only a green shirt and brown leather pants. Owning a red boomerang, stuck in his pocket.

Eila recalls seeing a boomerang that morning. It was red in colour. Huh. Could that young man be the suspicious person everyone is talking about?

"Except for looking suspicious, has he done anything?" Eila wonders if that young man is an escaped convict

"No," Mahoro shakes her head, "He just shows up suddenly, surprise people, and then disappears. I heard there are people who are forming a team to catch him or something,"

"There is another thing," Eriol, having shown up unexpectedly with Yuusha, lifts a finger and shakes it, "Apparently, our school will be hosting a Royal guest soon,"

"Where did you get that news?" knowing things concerning Royalty are usually kept a secret, Mahoro eyes Eriol with suspicion

Eila does not smile, even though she feels like she did not voice a wrong question to Eriol earlier. How dare Eriol got offended at her for it!

"Does it matter?" Yuusha says, even though he usually refuses to get himself involved with trouble

"No, not really," Eila replies noncommittally, stepping back from the circle, "Since I don't want to get in trouble, I will forget what we talked about. Bye,"

Taking the hint, Mahoro also departs to somewhere else, "Great weather we have today!"

Eriol sniffs, clutching the front of his shirt as he leans on Yuusha, "I am hurt! How could they abandon us when we are in a peril?!"

"They are just being smart," Yuusha releases a long sigh, "I should be smart too, to not get involved with you,"

Eriol pushes Yuusha away from him indignantly, "Whose friend are you?!"

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