Voice of Reason is Getting Exasperated

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Currently, Eila is regretting her choices which resulted in Eriol being their spokesperson. A new school, a new life. That's how it's supposed to be. That is why they selected the school in a faraway Kingdom from their hometown to attend.

Why did Eriol mention the reason they transferred schools in their introduction to their new classmates?

[ "Don't you think not having secrets is better in the long run?"
"Don't you think informing me beforehand is better than a surprise?" ]

After listening to Eriol's reason, Eila calms down considerably. As it makes sense, Eila allows things to continue without trying to salvage their reputation.

In the first place, Eila has the plan to find someone who will be her future spouse. Rather than having and keeping it a secret, to have a poor reputation known beforehand will eliminate the candidates who are not fitting for her. If they can't accept a part of Eila, there is no need for Eila to waste her time on them.

If it ends up with Eila having no candidates, then so be it.

[ "What a grim future prospect,"
"What, do you think, influenced my judgement?" ]

After a month of an awkward relationship with their classmates, Eila and Eriol are given an opportunity to start closing the distance. With that in mind, Eriol accepts a request from one classmate.

With that classmate in tow, Eriol goes to Eila's desk and takes a seat on the empty chair in front of Eila. With that one classmate pulling a chair to sit between them, a meeting of three commence.

"Eila, let me introduce you our classmate, Ruyi," for the incoming conversation with his Older Twin Sister, Eriol starts with an introduction

Someone introduced by her Younger Twin Brother? Eila puts up her guard.

"Ruyi here, requests our help," Eriol says, smiling at the expression on Eila's face, "I have accepted it for us!"

Eila is alarmed, "What kind of help?" her Younger Twin Brother's enthusiasm causes Eila to ask their classmate, Ruyi, instead, "Why do you need our help?"

"It is because of your achievements," Ruyi replies, smiling shyly, "I listened when Eriol said it in his introduction. At that time, I gained the idea to ask for your assistance. Only recently that I manage to gain the courage to request this to you... As I am quite troubled on how to resolve the matter peacefully by myself,"

Achievements? Said in the introduction? Could it be, what Ruyi wants to request from them is...

"I need your help to break off a relationship for me," Ruyi says what Eila fears the most

Turning to the smiling Eriol, Eila glares. Before Eila can voice a complain, Eriol lifts a hand and swipes at Ruyi, a suggestion for his Older Twin Sister to hear what Ruyi has to say until the end. After a thoughtful pause, with a firm nod, Eila turns to Ruyi and listens.

Tilting her head in interest at the silent communication between the Twin Siblings, Ruyi continues to explain, "I have someone who is interested in me,"

She is not boasting. In fact, Ruyi sounds a little troubled by that matter, "I do not reciprocate his feelings. He has confessed in the past. I had turned him down peacefully. And yet..." with a faraway gaze, Ruyi continues quietly, "He has not given up. He is still earnestly trying to make me like him. That is not a problem for me. I do admire his dedication, after all. If only..."

The most crucial reason Ruyi requests their help is because?

"If only it stays that way," Ruyi heaves a troubled sigh, "Somehow, he has become obsessive. Maybe, he truly liked me in the past. Now though, I have the impression he only courts me to win,"

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