Voice of Reason is Attending School

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Life goes on.

No matter what people think, it's neither Eila nor Eriol's life mission to break everyone's engagements.

After visiting here and there, where should they go next?

"Do we still need to enrol in a school?" fatigued by all the transfers, Eila calls Eriol over for a serious discussion

"I believe we need to graduate from a school," Eriol replies simply while serving Eila a calming tea, "Our parents allow us a leeway with school transfers, but they surely still expect us to graduate one day,"

"One day," Eila echoes sadly

Eriol laughs, "Don't you think it's interesting to meet so many people and learn the difference in structures, teaching methods, and curriculums of each school we enrolled?"

"Even if we learn them all, it doesn't mean we are in the power to change them for the better," Eila replies with a sigh

"We are in no power to change theirs for them, but we certainly can deliver a better school than theirs," readily receiving Eila's surprise, Eriol smiles and continues, "I do plan to make something out of this experience,"

Eila is silenced by Eriol's future plan. Admitting to herself and to Eriol, Eila closes her eyes, "It seems like I am the only one who is minding our bad reputation,"

"I mind that too," Eriol reminds his Twin Sister, "If we don't clear our name properly, our school won't be able to prosper properly either,"

Eriol has a plan to open a school. That, Eila understands and will support him. For Eriol to use 'our' attached to 'school', does it mean Eriol plans to work with Eila when that time comes?

Even with the possibility of them separating through the new families they built later?

"It will be a link for us to stay together, even if separated," Eriol says then, giving Eila an assuring grin

Replying with a smile, Eila nods, "I would like that,"

As for how they will build their school, it is a talk for another time. They still need to find a new school to transfer to, so they can graduate and be freed from this misery.

[ "We also need to find spouses, besides schools,"
"One thing at a time," ]

A new school at a new place with a new law.

In this school, students are mostly single. Dating is only allowed for students who rank in the top 10, per classes. If one of the couples is not a top 10 students, they are not allowed to date.

"Openly, perhaps. What if they date in secret?" Eriol, after a few days studying in this school, questions loudly to their group of new friends

"They can only hope nobody catches them," Mahoro, Eila's new friend, replies with a shrug

"The top 10 rank... Is it per semester or per year?" Eila, curious of the law, asks her friend

"Per semester, so a couple can only openly date for four months or so, at school, excluding the breaks," Yuusha, Eriol's new friend, answers instead

"After that, they go undercover?" Eriol chuckles as he continues, "Why do they even let others know they are dating, if that's the ending?"

"No, no," Mahoro shakes her head, "After that, the couple has to officially break up. If both of them are, or one of them is, no longer in the top 10, that is,"

Eila squints her eyes as she concludes, "At first, I think it's weird to have this law. But, I see it now. This is a...way to motivate all students,"

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