Voice of Reason is Not Amused

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After the deafening loud exclamations of surprise, it is blessed silence.

In that silence, the newcomer introduces himself, "Hi, I am Eila's Younger Twin Brother, Eriol,"

Contrary to how coolly he spoke out earlier, this time, Eriol who claims to be Eila's Younger Twin Brother greets the stunned crowd with a sweet smile.

[ "How mean. You never tell them about me,"
"Why do you want them to know about you?" ]

The former fiancés of the girls who are Eila's friends and the civilian girl who caused the scene of broken engagements have been expelled from school. Following that, six transfer students have enrolled in the school. One of them is Eriol, Eila's Younger Twin Brother, who previously attended a school in neighbouring Kingdom.

The existence of Eriol certainly raises the curiosity of the people in the school. Moreover, the relationship between Eriol and the other five female transfer students... It certainly raises the interest of the people in the school.

For Eila, that is not a good thing. She, who prefers in a covert operation, is highly disturbed by the curiosity and interest. Because, Eriol is always sticking close to her. By extension, the five transfer students too. Which means, Eila is now under the gaze of her schoolmates. In turn, Eila no longer has privacy for herself.

[ "Is it time for the talk?"
"It is time for the talk," ]

"I told you I don't want to go to the same school as you, didn't I?" an irritated Eila finally confronts her Younger Twin Brother, at the moment without the other five transfer students or witnesses present

Because, Eila has sneaked her way into Eriol's room at night, before curfew. Into the male dormitory building. With Eriol's help. For privacy.

The grace and maturity in Eila's characterisation have been exchanged by discourtesy and impulse. It is a shame, in Eriol's opinion, for the world to not know how interesting his Older Twin Sister can be. Which is why, Eriol has made it his personal mission to change that. First, by being there.

So, with a sweet smile, Eriol answers Eila's admonition, "You did,"

And both of them know, the real reason Eriol attended the school in neighbouring Kingdom was because this school had no more open slot for Eriol's late enrollment. The cause for Eriol's late enrollment? Procrastination. It certainly was not Eila's fault, even though she reaped the benefit.

Letting out a defeated sigh, Eila sits on the floor and crosses her arms, "Who are the other transfer students? Why did they come here with you?"

"Ah," Eriol also sits on the floor, across Eila, with folded arms, "It's quite a story,"

"Do tell," Eila braces herself for Eriol's story

"First, they are all...engaged," Eriol sighs, seemingly troubled, "But, somehow, they come to like me more than their respective fiancés,"

To Eila, this is the worst. It is a repeat of Sheila's case.

"They chase me all the way here, as you can see," Eriol sees Eila's expression and understands, "I am willing to swear an oath, that I did not instigate anything,"

Hanging her head, Eila questions quietly, "What about their fiancés?"

Eriol smiles, "They are not pleased. I admit, for them who are not affectionate to their respective fiancées, to be displeased with me... It is irritating,"

Eila reflects. In Lala's case, she knowingly seduces the fiancés. In Eriol's case, he unknowingly seduces the fiancées?

Aah... What a headache...

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