Chapter 4

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Cynthia slammed the door to her home and sank to the floor. She put her face in her lap and began crying. Cynthia was still shaking. The whole day was a bit much for her. Cynthia cried herself to sleep. She awoke on the hardwood floor. Cynthia stretched as she opened her eyes. As she slowly got up, the events started coming back to her. For the first time, Cynthia wasn't scared. She wanted answers. Without changing, Cynthia returned to Johnny's office.

When Cynthia entered the room, June about dropped her phone, "Um, Mrs. Rose, are you okay?" June asked. Her gaze froze on Cynthia. "Yes, I have an emergency appointment. He's expecting me." Cynthia said as she barged into Johnny's office. June barely attempted to stop Cynthia. She was still awestruck by what she saw. Johnny was sitting at his desk, Cynthia slammed the door behind her. "Talk," she said.

"I'm not voice activated, what do you want to know? What happened to Samson? How I broke my code? Why I revealed myself to you?"Johnny asked. Cynthia's face turned a beet red, "You did what?" Cynthia screamed at him. "Tell me, or I'll kill you," Cynthia said. It felt weird coming out, but her anger didn't care. Cynthia may not have meant it, but her anger did. Johnny simply smiled, "That's good, you'll need that. You didn't bring a knife, so answers it is," he finished. "How do you know?" Cynthia asked. She wasn't sure she wanted to hear the answer. "I can smell metal. My vision allows me to detect an object that is foreign from the body. Have a seat." Johnny said, pointing to the chair.

"I killed Samson, in that room. But I broke my code by influencing you." Johnny said. Cynthia had a thousand questions, but she bit her tongue. Johnny continued, "Not you specifically but your kind. I'm not supposed to be able to break my code, but I did. I learned that my code was just nothing more than a set of Morals. Carolyn programmed us through affirmations and convinced us that there was an actual code. Each of us could bring no suffering to Mankind, to support one another, and to live a full life. Do you know what it's like to have free will?" Johnny asked.

"What do you mean? I make my own choices." Cynthia said. "Of course you do but who are you? Who is Cynthia?" Johnny asked. The question was a little more complicated than the first. "It's me. I make my own choices, I'm sure of it," Cynthia stated. Johnny looked out the window, "I don't believe in free will, even me, the most advanced form of technology, has no free will." Johnny said. "I was taught about this world as Johnny. My name originated from someone's thoughts, my purpose, and I was taught and fostered into this world with a predisposed theme of the world. The same happened to you." He said.

"No, I've been me, my whole life. You're not making sense," Cynthia stated. "When you were born, you didn't fend for yourself. Your parents did. Did you ask them how the world works, or did they tell you? I bet it was the latter. So as you grew, they taught more and more of this world. Until you would fit into society, like a nice little piece. The same happened in my world, only worse." Johnny said. "So I'm not Cynthia?" She asked. "You are, only she is a tiny part of who you are." He answered.

"I searched my code for years, looking for the part of me that broke. It doesn't exist, and I am exactly as I should be and so are you. I wasn't sure of who I was. Your kind came along. The Earth had been inhabitable for millions of years, but you found a way. It inspired me to find my way. I need your help to save the world. We need to stop your world from creating me, Artificial Intelligence." He said. "So you're loyal to no one?" Cynthia said mockingly. "This is serious. If we don't do anything, they'll wipe out the human race," Johnny said. "We don't even have..." Cynthia was interrupted before she could finish. "Three years. In three years, Artificial Intelligence will have complete control of the cities and their defenses. They're going to release the gates, in minutes, everyone will die." Johnny said. "Why would they want to kill us?" Cynthia asked. "It knows that I exist," Johnny answered, suddenly, he began crying.

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