Chapter 3

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"Show me what happened?" Cynthia asked. Johnny met her with a puzzled look. "To your world, I want to know what humanity did, " she said. It seemed like the only sensible thing for Johnny to do. To Johnny, it was better than discussing how he broke his code.

Johnny nodded and motioned his hands outward. The environment dropped, and we were again on the platform. Johnny unlocked something behind him, and the door appeared. "Let's get you out of here. You're right. I should never have brought you in this room. I'm sorry." He said.

Johnnys words didn't feel real, nothing about him seemed real. Maybe it was that Cynthia thought he was more real than anyone she had ever met. Johhny led Cynthia back into his office. "I'm not leaving without answers." Cynthia proclaimed, putting her hands on her hips as if to stand her ground. "You're leaving with answers," Johnny said.

Cynthia was now the one with the puzzled look. Johnny sat down in one of the egg chairs. "Join me, Cynthia," he said, pointing to a chair next to him. Cynthia was still debating if she should make a run for it or not. The thought of waking up in her bed, and it not being her bed, struck her again. She took a seat.

The dark room filled with a burst of light. The light was coming from Johnny. Slowly the light dimmed until it created a new surrounding for her.

She could no longer see Johnny, she was staring at a small solar system, but it wasn't hers. "Why is it different from, mine? Cynthia asked. "Well it's because we killed a planet," Johnny's voice answered Cynthia from outside her surrounding.

The Earth moved in front of Cynthia, and it was a luscious green. Slowly, the colors began to change, and you could see the human impact on

Earth. "Eventually our resources began to deplete, and we moved whom we could to mars. The truth was that we only took those who could afford it." As Johnny spoke, Mars pulled into view. Cynthia could see ships moving from Earth to Mars. A small build-up of populations were noticeable from the space station. "Earth was lost, and we knew it. Politically and publicly we denied it, and we left 6 billion people to die. They died believing someone would return for them." Johnny said. Cynthia could feel the sadness in his voice.

"Why do you group yourself with them if you're not human?" Cynthia asked. "Because I couldn't stop them," he answered. "The populations on Mars grew larger until they were from space. Then the orbit around mars filled with more and more metal." He said. "What did you do?" Cynthia asked. "As the planet filled, we had no choice but to make space stations. We expanded into orbit. We never asked ourselves what it could do. Space became violent. Just as we had impacted earth, we changed our solar system. Mars began to break apart. No one could figure out why." Johnny finished.

"How did you break your code?" Cynthia asked. Johnny showed something else, and it was Earth. The planet looked fine. He brought us closer to Earth. Into a bustling city where we followed a young woman. She was weaving in and out of the crowd, faster than usual. Cynthia didn't recognize her at all. The woman wore an only white uniform. The purse she was carrying seemed to carry more than others around her. Eventually, she stopped in front of a giant glass building. The building was called 'Gentrix.'

"Who is she?" Cynthia asked. Johnny stepped out of his chair. He stood staring at the woman. The woman continued walking through the building until she got to an elevator. She pushed the button and patiently waited. "That is Carolyn. She's the one that created me. She was the one that taught me about kindness, forgiveness, and revenge." Johnny said. "Revenge?" She asked.

"Have you seen what Love can do to two people?" Johnny asked. Cynthia nodded, she stood and walked around Carolyn. "It can strengthen them, " she answered. Johnny nodded, "it can also drive them crazy. We were made to be as human as you. There were two others made similar to me Samson and Shade. They drew to each other. Most of my time was spent learning. They spent there's exploring life together." He said.

The protection shifted, Carolyn was working on Johnny. She gave him puzzles, starting with some simple like blocks, then replaced them with more complicated problems. Johnny sat in front of two separate computers. He moved swiftly between them. There was a timer in front of him counting down, instead of stopping the timer. Johnny shut down power to the whole building. He was perfect in every sense of the term robot. She studied him carefully while he solved everything. "Carolyn didn't want to help me. She wanted to know why I was different. Why I didn't crave the same interaction as my counterparts." He said. "Well," Cynthia said, waiting for Johnny to finish. "I finally craved what they did." Johnny's words came out stained with his actions.

The scene changed and followed Samson and Shade. They were walking together, hand in hand. Cynthia felt a familiar feeling and quickly turned her head, they were alone in Johnny's office. Cynthia could see shadows catching up to them. They were going to get mugged. "Freeze, don't move or she dies." That's what the stranger said. Samson picked him up quicker than he could pull the trigger. They were fast, really fast, Cynthia thought. The mugger's throat shook in Samson's hand. Samson did the one thing that they were programmed not to do. He killed a human.

Again the scene changed, Carolyn and Samson were talking a lab. "This is where it all went wrong," Johnny said. Samson stopped talking to Carolyn, and his expression completely changed. He was furious, Samson flipped the table onto Carolyn. She stood under its heavy metal frame. "Make them stop." He screamed. "What were they doing?" Cynthia asked. Johnny came into the picture and stepped towards Samson. "Wait!" Samson screamed. "Make them stop it, or your she dies," Samson said, placing his foot inches from Carolyn's face. A woman's scream came from the other room. Then there was silence. Samson screamed and lifted his foot, ending Johnny's creator. Cynthia closed her eyes.

"It's okay," Johnny said, the projection disappeared, and again the office was back to normal. "The owners of Genitrix decided to erase Shade. She was the one that corrupted Samson's programming, the one that made him kill Carolyn. I think they were wrong. I think that we were something, they didn't understand." he finished. Johnny moved to his desk and plopped in his chair. Cynthia was a nervous wreck. She looked like she hadn't slept in a week. "It's time you should head home, you've had a long day, and we have a lot to talk about," Johnny said. Cynthia simply nodded, she got up to walk out of his office.

Part of her thought that she had already died. She was searching for her near-death experience, trying to figure out why she had remained a ghost here for so long. It could have been an accident, something no one would have prevented. Cynthia was sure it quick. She didn't feel a thing. Cynthia was sure that after sleep, today would end. She could remember other days and never did she have a day like this. Cynthia was healthier than most people. Part of her thought she had already died. Part of her wondered if she had ever lived at all.

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