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excerpts from a book I'll never write by DarknessWithinx
excerpts from a book I'll never DarknessWithinx
This is a story that never ends , a book to call your own , come along with me on my journey where I simply put down random thoughts, contemplate over life , or simply j...
  • teen
  • writing
  • conscious
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Confuse, Conscious and Curious. by dalawaaaa_
Confuse, Conscious and ashii
'I don't know how to react and how to act. I'm CONFUSE. I am really Confuse, why do I have these feelings that this is wrong and might end up breaking my heart. Think o...
  • highschool
  • puppy-love
  • teen
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Shy and Free™ A Book that Transforms Shyness by shyandfree
Shy and Free™ A Book that Kevin Rhea
Shy and Free™ is a self-help guide for transforming shyness into wholeness and happiness. Shyness is not the complete you. Shy and Free™ pioneered transforming (instead...
  • self-growth
  • fear
  • relationship
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garden by FENETO
gardenby fen
you took from little trees and bushes before i grew into a forest mostly purge writing and poetry. i don't go back and edit. you see exactly how im feeling when you read...
  • purge
  • love
  • blacklove
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Abducted by 10mirrormask01
Abductedby Your Worst Nightmare
Shadow is a normal girl until a mysterious stranger abducts her to add to his collection. he is taking her far from EVERY THING she knows into a new world or shall i say...
  • pet
  • inferno
  • black
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Herban Poetry III by HerbanLegend
Herban Poetry IIIby Vaughn
The third installation in my an ever-growing collection of original poetry from the mind of a 24-year old pothead. Using alliteration, a mixture of poetic forms, and alw...
  • love
  • chicago
  • rap
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Lie To Me by dandan101
Lie To Meby Danielle
Stting on her balcony one night Jamie is visited by the man of her dreams, the only problem is he lies--compulsively. She knows that he wrong for her--it's blatantly obv...
  • deal
  • wedding
  • punishment
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Ecotopia Universe ( episodes, short stories, scripts ) by MagdaOlchawska
Ecotopia Universe ( episodes, Magda Olchawska
My short stories and short scripts are about creating a conscious utopian society from the progressive political and social movements after the unstoppable and unsettlin...
  • conscious
  • consciousness
  • mothernature
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Forget Me Not (RotG Fan Fiction) by YouCantHandle
Forget Me Not (RotG Fan Fiction)by YouCantHandle
Conscious isn't any normal human. In fact, she isn't human at all. She is a guardian, but unlike most, she is invisible to all, because no one has ever believed in her...
  • betrayal
  • bunnymund
  • meeting
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•Poetic Justice• by januaryembers__
•Poetic Justice•by •january embers•
•Poetic Justice: A Book of Poems• •By Aye_Kaye• "You prayed on my temple until you believed in miracles"
  • dreams
  • random
  • crazy
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What Do You See? a perspective a page by ChristopherDAngelo
What Do You See? a perspective a Christopher D’Angelo
This is a preview of an illustration art book created by Artist, Christòpher D'Angelò. Each page is a Line Drawing made up of only one line, which if you look closely, y...
  • mind
  • amazingphil
  • thinking
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ғåṅṭåṡʏ Rƿ~Private by sirius77
ғåṅṭåṡʏ Rƿ~Privateby Stayin’ Alive!
This is for my friends @Conscious_Haven and @amber_childofhades and I. Feel free to read some of it but if you're not one of them there's nothing really to do here XD ...
  • collin
  • crazy
  • draco
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It's Not Up to Me by domnotte
It's Not Up to Meby domnotte
  • subconscious
  • its
  • self
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Jiminy Cricket Isn't Always Right by MVP_Shawol
Jiminy Cricket Isn't Always Rightby Diana Lizbeth Rosas
  • fiction
  • conscious
  • bad
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This Is Nothing. by muuthe
This Is muuthe
Define everything for yourself. There are as many realities, as there are people.
  • freedom
  • meaning
  • conscious
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To Add to the Drama by ArkAngel1242
To Add to the Dramaby ArkAngel1242
Authors are always creating new characters, coming up with new stories for them to be in, planning out their lives for them. What's it like from their perspective? Harol...
  • happiness
  • authors
  • conscious
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Cutting toward Calvary by TamaraNS
Cutting toward Calvaryby Tamara Summers
"Most girls my age are labeled by their cliques, their brands of clothing, or by the masks of their fake personalities they present to people. Me, well, my scars te...
  • metal
  • beautifullamb
  • hope
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WALL STREET KABALA by jaquesroux
socially conscious poetry
  • conscious
  • poem
  • socially
"3"Thoughts At Night: Chapter 3 by ChristopherDAngelo
"3"Thoughts At Night: Chapter 3by Christopher D’Angelo
CHAPTER 3: Thoughts At Night Thoughts at night is a collection poetry, quotes, affirmations, and spoken word, which will be written daily at night when artist and poet...
  • lovestory
  • lifequotes
  • miamiflorida
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