Chapter 7

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"Did you have a hand in this?" Cynthia asked as she looked out his windows. Alexandria was beautiful. The moonlight bounced softly against the buildings. It wasn't as rigid as Garnet, and the city seemed so mechanical compared to Alexandria. "I mean the city, you've been here since the beginning," Cynthia said. "I had a hand in all of it," Johnny answered. "Then why didn't you build them all like this? The city is beautiful." Cynthia answered. Johnny put his hand on the window and took a deep breath. Cynthia thought it was weird that he breathed, now that she knew what he was.

"You should know of all people, not all people are the same," Johnny answered. "What do you mean by that?" Cynthia responded. "Your parents, they were complete opposites if I remember. Your mother was bound to nature, and your father longed for mechanics," Johnny answered. Cynthia felt the anger rise in her, and she didn't move a muscle. Johnny waited, expecting Cynthia to lash at him.

"Alexandria was an interesting town. The townsfolk call it the heart of civilization. It was the first of the cities. I allowed the people to build it. There was only one condition. They build me an office, so tall that I could see this," Johnny said. The horizon was bright pink, as though someone had spent the afternoon painting it. It stood apart from the other city, and it had a sense of history. The buildings weren't rigid or crude. They danced around the town. Cynthia admired the sunset with Johnny.

The population was small, only ten thousand lived in Alexandria. It was an older community, despite it being a farming town.

Johnny automated the labor. He gave them time to focus on themselves. Johnny found that a society full of individuals who pursue individual excellence was the answer. With a push of a button. The people were there more for maintenance than anything like removing a piece of paper from a printer jam.

Its close bonding community is what made Alexandria. TThe younger crowd drawn to its music. Dancing and singing were encouraged in their culture. The people grew out of the town. They didn't grow up in it. Alexandria was a city of artistic inspiration. It produced writers, painters, musicians, and scientists.

"Any questions? " Johnny asked. Cynthia shook her head. She was anxious to free her mind. Could she win was the question? Johnny activated the WARP and opened the door. "This time you go alone, Johnny said. Cynthia felt nervous, but instead of hesitating, she took a step. It was heavy, and Cynthia wasn't sure if she could do it, but she did it anyway.

The platform lit up and out came Sparky. He assembled himself and made his way to Cynthia. He reached out his tiny robot hand and handed Cynthia an earpiece. Sparky motioned for her to put it in her ear. "Can you hear me?" Came a voice from the earpiece, it was Johnny. "Yes," Cynthia said as she put in the earpiece. "You're facing humans. Beautiful, destructive, and ever-changing, humans. Your mission is to infiltrate the building without getting caught. "Johnny said.

The landscape began to build itself around Cynthia. She pulled her gun out and patiently scanned. Concrete covered the ground in front of her and shot outward. Gates rose from around the pavement and boxed itself around one spot. The buildings began to rise all around her. She was in the middle of a city. "Is this, what I think it is?" Cynthia asked. "Yes, it is," Johnny answered. Cynthia recognized the building from a photo on Johnny's wall. "You said you edited the background," Cynthia stated, she began to wonder how deep those lies went.

"I lied, by the way. If you get caught, they will kill you, and you'll restart here." Johnny answered. Could've told me that sooner, Cynthia thought. The plan was simple, Cynthia would sneak into the most heavily guarded building in her society. She would use this model to practice. "This looks like an old hospital. How is this going to help me get into the capitol building?" Cynthia asked.

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