In Which The Dragon Enters His Lair

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You could hardly believe that it had only been a week since you'd met Namjoon and discovered a whole new world. The two of you had decided to wait until the weekend for him to move in, giving him time to wrap up his classes and say goodbye to his friends since he'd be away from the center for a while for a bonding period with you. It also gave you a chance to prepare your home, although you were still pretty confused about how the hell you were supposed to prepare for a Dragon. You'd settled on just making sure there were the basics in his room; bed, dresser, desk, and a laptop. You'd take him shopping for whatever else he wanted later.

The two of you had also used this time to get to know each other a little more. You rushed over after finishing your work for the day, and you'd watch him teach a class. He taught literature and music production for fun, but helped with the classes that covered hybrid health and law as well. After his class, the two of you would hang out in the exotic wing's playroom, watching movies or playing with the other hybrids, or go to his room where he showed you books he'd been reading or whatever shiny thing had caught his eye in the yard that day. He was such a beautiful old soul, and you gravitated towards him he was an oasis in the desert.

The more you got to know Namjoon, the more excited you got about bringing him home and starting a life with him. He was smart and passionate, caring of his hybrid friends, so sweet and shy. Honestly, the more you thought about it, the crazier it was that he hadn't been grabbed before this and was settling for someone like you. Not that you were willing to give him up. They'd have to fight you now.

You're practically skipping as you make your way into the now familiar lobby of The Fairy Pawmother, sharing a smile and a wave with the regular hybrids that hung around the area helping customers and potential adopters. Heechul is in his usual spot behind the front desk, smirking over your obvious excitement.

"Either you've become a bunny hybrid, or it's Saturday," Heechul chuckled, pulling out Namjoon's file.

"Todays the day! Is everything ready? Did he change his mind?"

"Are you serious? That kid has been ready to go since six am. I had to force him to eat because he was too excited, and he's been sitting on the couch with his bags for hours. I'm almost insulted he's so ready to leave me."

You snort, accepting one of the papers he hands you to sign.

"You know he's going to be coming back to help with classes and to see his friends after the bonding period."

"Still not the same. Be good to my baby." Heechul fakes a tear, and the two of you chuckle. "I'll have someone load his things into your car for you. Let's finish signing these and go get him before he comes barreling down the stairs and hurts himself."

Once the paperwork is all completed, he takes your arm to escort you to the exotics wing. You take the chance to ask him something that had been on your mind, but you hadn't wanted to upset Namjoon by asking him.

"Hey, so I was just wondering why Namjoon was here for so long? He's so amazing, and I mean, I can't possibly be the best person to come along."

"I don't know about that, but he actually was adopted once, a long time ago. It's all in the copy of his files that I'll be giving you today. I believe he was...five? They brought him back when he was seven. I was really upset about that. I'd had this off feeling when they met, but Namjoon was so excited to have a home that I let it go."

"Seven? Poor thing. Did they say why?"

"They couldn't handle him, they said. Probably expected him to act like a dog hybrid when he's a dragon. I assume you won't make that mistake."

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