A Date With A Dragon (M)

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NOTES: A little warning, there is some smut! Nothing crazy but yeah. I will start marking the chapters with smut with an (M) so you can avoid them if you need to. Also, if you think Namjoon's outfit sounds familiar, that's because it should. It's one of my favorite looks of his. I can't remember when it was but it's an airport look, from when they were going to LA I believe. I wanna say 2016? Maybe 2017? When he did the whole sexy professor with the big black glasses thing. I nearly died when I saw him that day. 

For the past couple of weeks, Namjoon has been acting strange. Not so much with you - he still treated you with just as much affection as usual. However, he's been staying at the hybrid shelter longer every day and coming home exhausted. On top of that were the hushed phone calls you'd hear him trying to have out on the porch, forgetting that the window was usually open a little bit. You couldn't hear much more than a word here or there, but thankfully it had been enough for you to understand he was talking to Heechul.

You hadn't much worried about things like there being someone else, but something was clearly up and it did worry you that Namjoon felt like he had to keep something from you.

Today you found yourself sitting on the porch steps, the winter air biting even through your woolen jacket and beanie. Trying to wait outside in the middle of January probably wasn't your smartest idea, but sitting around inside had been driving you crazy.

You watched the road leading up to your farmhouse, waiting for Namjoon to come home. He was even later than usual today. Before these past weeks, he always came riding home around three. Then it became six. Tonight, it was nearly nine and was pitch black outside. The thought of him riding his bike alone in the middle of the night made your stomach clench with anxiety.

Just when you were about to call up Heechul, the familiar sounds of Namjoon's bike pedaling up the driveway heralded his return. You released the breath that you hadn't realized you'd been holding as the tension slowly left your shoulders. He pulled up towards the house, his mouth turning down in surprise and worry when he spotted you huddling on the ice-coated porch.

"Baby, what are you doing sitting out here? You're gonna get sick," he rumbled, rushing over to pick you up and carry you into the house.

"Was waiting for you. I got worried," you grunt through chattering teeth.

His frown deepens and he looks slightly guilty.

"Sorry, Star. Got caught up with work."

He was avoiding your eyes by focusing on getting you warm. He pulled off your jacket, boots, and hat, replacing them with a large chenille blanket you kept on the couch. He got up and threw a couple more logs into the fireplace before going to the kitchen and pushing the button in the electric water kettle you kept full for him.

You kept doing your best to catch his eyes but he was being unusually crafty about avoiding looking at you. Your skin slowly began to warm in your little blanket bundle as you watched him make hot cocoa from packets.

"Namjoon," you begin softly. "Is there something that you need to tell me? I'm just worried. Did I maybe do something to upset you?"

"No!" he sputters, turning quickly to face you. He nearly knocked over one of the mugs in his haste. "You didn't do anything wrong! Damn, is that what it seems like? I just...wanted to do something nice. I didn't mean to worry you or make you upset!"

Now you were confused. Your nose scrunches as he joins you on the couch with two steaming mugs of cocoa.

"Something nice?"

Namjoon sighs and hands you a mug. "I've been working in the cafe after classes to make extra money. I wanted to...well, I wanted to take you on a real date that I paid for myself."

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