Chapter 10 : Rumours

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Taehyung POV
I was enjoying my hot chocolate while at the cookies. I wanted to take them but they were too far. I didn't want to disturb and order Irene to keep doing the stuffs for me... I put the mug on my lap and tried to stand up. I let go of the mug, fell of my hand and it broke on the floor.

"Fuck.." I hissed in pain. I heard Irene walking down the stairs. She gasped and ran towards me. "Be careful..." I told her. "Let me get the first aid." She went to find it. I looked at my hand which was bleeding. Irene came back and slowly treated it. "Ow!" I said in pain as she put the medicine on my wound. "Sorry... Please wait..." She said in a worried tone.

I looked at her worried face. "Thanks..." I said. She turned to me slowly. Our eyes locked. "Ouch!" I said as I felt a pain in my finger. "Are you okay?" She said as she pulled my arm carefully to her. She took a closer look.

I used my other hand and touched her cheek. She looked at me with her eyes widen. I pulled her closer. Our faces were so close to each other that we can feel each other's breath. I felt her warm breath blowing at my neck. I looked at her and realised what I was doing.

Irene POV
Fuck what is he gonna do? He then went closer to my ear. "Thank you for helping me..." He whispered and that's it. He wasn't gonna kiss me? Damn I'm thinking too much... Why would he even want to kiss me? But I'm kinda sad about it...

"Hmm?" He said. "Let me clean up the floor." I told him as I stood up from the sofa. He nodded and gave me a small smile. I went away from him to find the broom.

I slowly grabbed the broom which was in the cleaning room. I brought it to him and sweept the floor. I felt him looking at me which makes me feel nervous. It's uncomfortable...

"Can you stop looking at me?" I asked as I almost glared at him. "I'm not even looking at you." He said coldly and looked away. So I was really thinking too much... I mean why would he even like me?

It quite hurts but I mean I don't even like him but why does it hurts?

Taehyung POV
I looked at her beautiful face, admiring every beautiful features of hers. "Can you stop looking at me?" She asked. She almost glared right at me.

Shit I got caught...

"I'm not even looking at you." I said coldly as I looked away so I won't get caught. Well I hope she doesn't find out that I was staring... But why? Why her? She isn't my ideal type but I somehow feel interested for some reason...

Nah probably just nothing. She probably fell for me already and I'll just wait for the time to break her heart. I smiled to myself. Oh she's probably as easy as other girls...

"I think I'll go back to work tomorrow." I told her. "But you should rest for 2 da-" "Set the meeting tomorrow." I ordered and looked at her who was blank and speechless. I sighed. "Can I rest now?" I asked her with a tired face. I just wanna be alone... Suddenly I feel stressed out...

She nodded slowly and stood up. "Rest well." She said as she bowed down. My gaze followed her who was walking towards the other sofa to take her bag and left. "Ughhh..." I growled as I hit my head. What's wrong with me?

I know what I'm doing is wrong... But I must do it to get Jimin out from here and everything will be okay.

I tried to stand up and walk slowly. I reached the kitchen which takes a while since my leg still hurts. I opened the fridge. I took out my favorite yoghurt I asked Irene to buy when she went away to buy the groceries.

Jisoo POV
I walked towards Jennie who was standing in the cafeteria. "Yah." I called as I waved at her. She looked up and sighed. "Eonnie... Took you so long." She said. "Yeah I had to abandon that new employee for this news." I told her as I pulled the chair to sit. I brushed my hair to the side.

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