1: Choosing The Best

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(Did you know that I'm actually a girl and is better in writing Boy Pov. Anyway have fun reading!!! This is Rakutsu's POV. If you have any suggestions: call 911. Joke, message me :D)

"WAKE UP, SNORLAX!!!" A familiar loud voice rattled my still sleeping eardrums.

Awww man...

"Five more minutes," I mumbled, while I wiped some of my drool on my pillow. (A/N: HAHAAHAH)

Somebody pulled my blanket right under me.

"Lay off will-"

Something very, very cold went under my back. My consciousness said goodbye to drowsiness.

"Do you know what day it is?!" the voice, which happens to be my really annoying sister, Faitsu, said. Actually, she's not really my sis. I was an orphan and our mom found me washed up on the beach, one day. Luckily, I looked like her twin: same brown hair, almost the same height, same features except the color of my eyes, which were gray.

I fought the urge to strangle her on the spot, which wasn't a very good idea because of mom. "No."

"Humph!" she pouted. "More Pokémon for me to choose from."

Buffering... OH ARCEUS THE STARTERS WOULD BE GIVEN TODAY!!!!!! I hurried off to the bathroom.

"Rakutsu, Faitsu, the Professor has called!" our mom called. "Hurry up or you might miss your chance!"

Poor old mom... She would have to deal with my stinky and drooled pillow later... I suddenly felt guilty...

After I washed myself and took a quick and ninja (A/N: Ninja means fast okay? Pls don't ask again because I'm gonna put em in some of the chapters) bath, I took my blue and black shirt which sort of looked like  a jacket with short sleeves and some white cargo pants, grabbed my red sun visor and hurried out of my room.

Faitsu, who was wearing her blue and white shirt with long sleeves and some kind of yellow skirt and leggings with a pink sun visor that undoubtedly resembles mine was standing on the hallway. Her long brown hair was a mess.

"Finally after-" Faitsu said a couple of random numbers. "-years."

"What happened to YOUR HAIR?" I fought off a grin. Her hair looks like it was blown by a tornado. Faitsu really hated fixing her hair, but why won't she cut it short anyway?

Mom walked to the crime scene, took a gape at Faitsu's hair and panicked. "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR DARLING?!"

"Calm down mom, you should smell my pillow," I grinned.

"Oh you two, why did I ever think you were ready to have an adventure on your own," she face-palmed. "Come here Faitsu and I'll fix your hair. Rakutsu, your pancakes are on the table."

I went to the dining table and saw some Lillipup shaped pancakes on my plate. Mom and her cookie cutters... I put a shocking amount of syrup on it and finished it off.

Faitsu walked in with her hair on two big buns on the side of her head, she looked really cute and childish.

"Now don't forget to-" and mom reminded us a couple of things to do and not to do. I was barely listening... Wonder what I should choose: Oshawott/Tepig/Snivy.....

After a couple of minutes, we finally went out of the house.

Our house was the only house in Aspertia City which is not a building/apartment. We just moved here two years ago because of an accident about Faitsu... I really liked it here, especially the wonderful view.

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