Chapter 4

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Meanwhile, in the world of Minecraftia:

Andr the Enderwoman and Gelli the Slime were huddled together quietly in

the shadows of the night.

Andr's POV

Andr recalled why they were there in the first place. Why they were huddled together, why they were in the shadows, and why they had stuck together. Minutes before, she had heard a cry for help. She had teleported there in a flash of purple particles and arrived near Gelli. Gelli had been in danger from a hoard of zombies and skeletons, about to get surrounded.

"Come here," she said, just loud enough for Gelli to hear. Gelli had quickly come over and Andr had teleported them out of there moments before being overtaken.

They had arrived right outside the entrance of the hollow they resided in right now. Andr had collapsed from exhaustion from teleporting that far away. Gelli helped Andr into the entrance before falling asleep next to her. Andr had come to lying next to Gelli. "Where AM I?" she panicked. Then she remembered where she was and why...

Gelli's POV

"I was nothing, and then everything, at the same time. I could not recall anything, but I could recall it all..." She thought, remembering part of her favorite poem. She awoke with a start!

It was morning, and the rays of the sun shone down on her, making her light-green strands of thin, silky hair glimmer. She noticed Andr next to her, and was startled; however, she quickly remembered how Andr had saved her.

When Andr awoke, Gelli introduced herself and thanked Andr for saving her. Andr didn't know what to think, as she had never experienced someone being so friendly or compassionate towards her!

"H-Hello, Gelli," she said. "There's no reason to be afraid," she said. "I'm your friend now!"

Back in the real world:

Eric had no idea how long he had been out. When he crashed into the wall, his phone must have broken, so he could not know the date or time. After waking up, he saw all of the glass on the floor and didn't have any clue where to start cleaning up. Then he remembered Herobrine's ominous message. "

Your world will crumble to dust with you as it's lone survivor. Then, you will suffer a slow, painful death lasting a thousand years!"

He shuddered to think that he had unintentionally released a deadly threat into his world.

Eric's stomach decided at that moment that Eric was hungry. He went downstairs to find some lunch (Or at least what he thought might be lunch since he didn't know the time...) but ended up with just a PB+J sandwich. He sat down to eat his lunch(?) after grabbing a Sprite and turned on the T.V. By that time, the "power-outage" had been dealt with, and Eric had no problem finding the news channel.

The reporter on the news talked about sudden "power-outages" throughout the country, and Eric felt a twinge of guilt. "Whoops," he thought. He checked the time on the cable box and saw that it was about 1:00 PM; close to what he had previously thought.

Once again in Minecraft:

It was about 9:00 AM when Andr and Gelli set off to find something. They weren't quite sure what they were looking for but went anyway.

A few drops of rain splattered into the ground, and the two girls looked at each other before they started to run, seeking any shelter they could find. A village appeared in the distance, while lightning flashed all around them. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and a burning sensation and all was still.

There were no more rain drops, flashes of lightning, mobs, or anything else for that matter. Just the two of them. They each felt a tingling, which became so strong, they both passed out simultaneously.

They opened their eyes to see a terrified, yet fascinated boy. "W-Who are you," he stammered. "Why are you here?"Andr and Gelli looked at each other for a moment, before Gelli answered,"I'm Gelli the Slime, and this is Andr the Enderwoman.

We came from a different world than this one," she spoke. Eric explained that the world they were in was his world, on Earth. He suddenly realized

that the two girls were from his favorite video game, Minecraft! Eric asked them how they got there, and they replied by telling him how they met and then concluded after the part where they were in a storm. "So from the way I see it," he said, "you guys must have been struck by lightning and somehow teleported here." "I guess so they replied in unison...

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