Chapter 1

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Eric was just settling down in front of his desktop to play his favorite game, Minecraft.

While in a ravine he had discovered earlier, he heard an all to familiar sizzling noise.

Right before the expected explosion of blocks and particles, there was a bright flash for a brief second before the screen went black...The power had cut out!

Eric let out an audible groan knowing that he would have to go check the fuse box.

As he descended the steps to the kitchen, and then to the basement, Eric thought he saw a bit of green out of the corner of his eye. Was it what he thought it was?! He quickly dismissed the idea, telling himself that it was real life and not some video game.

Eric approached the fuse box, opening its cover. "Strange," he thought seeing that there was nothing wrong. "Why is the power out then?"

He remembered how he had installed some mods earlier that day in hopes of making a few mod showcases to increase his view count on YouTube. He also remembered testing some of the mods including the X-Ray mod, the More Explosives mod, and the Mob Talker mod.

At the time, he had been eager to try them out. But now...He snapped out of his daydream to find himself staring at a...a Creeper!

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