Chapter 8: The End

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Cupa continued to run until she was positive she was out of range. Her feet seemed to glide off the ground as she ran. She was fast she had to admit. In this body, she was more light on her feet. A thought in the back of her head made her wonder what if she let the boy see her. If he pursued her, then she could easily outrun him. But there was no telling what he would do if he caught up. Cupa wasn't fully concerned about that though. For all she knew, he was just looking for an old friend. She shook the thought from her head. If that was all he was looking for, he wouldn't cause her much trouble. She wouldn't have had to run. She decided she was safe for now. Cupa sat at the entrance of the cave, listening to the faint echoing of water droplets falling from the ceiling. The squeaking of two nearby bats could be heard from her position. Their screeches indicated this tunnel went deep. I guess this really is Minecraft, she thought. Minecraft almost always had conveniently placed caves. They were a great help when trying to find coal on your first day. Those times, everything was simpler. But this place was different from the Minecraft she knew. The fact that this place looked like real life almost diminished the purpose of being an "escape from reality." Then again, this was a completely different world. Not one she knew from experience. Minecraft was a game. Now it was and wasn't real life. Cupa sat in deep thought. So if this is Minecraft, then that means I could do things I did in the game that I did in real life right? She would think about it some other time. Cupa was once again transfixed by her features. The female body was quite alien to her. The workings, the shape. Certainly different from her other body. A couple of these things intrigued her. First off, the things on her chest that gave off a strange feeling when touched. She was well aware they were breasts. They were strange to her do to the fact that her chest was now a private part. Which meant it had to be hidden from people she might run into. One of the strangest transformations was the one on her lower body. She didn't have to check to know something else was there. Thinking about it made the breasts seem less alien. Cupa sighed.

"If gender had nothing to do with it then WHY did Notch change it in the first place," he said to himself.

Cupa shook the more bothersome thoughts of her gender swap from her mind and focused on the other parts of her body that hadn't undergone drastic changes. Her thighs were definitely bigger than before. Her skin was a lot softer. Every part of her was different. I wonder, she thought. Cupa raised a hand to her face and removed the glove. The skin underneath was creamy white like the rest of her body. Her hands certainly now had a more feminine shape. Cupa put the glove back on, realizing that checking herself out made her feel awkward. In fact, it pained her to think about her new body. How much everything had changed. She couldn't bear the thought of being referred to as "miss". God that would suck! What was she supposed to do now? Notch had basically left her alone without any instructions, no ideas as to what the plan was. All he had done was change her body and left her out in the middle of nowhere. And without any of her consideration. She thought about what he said before he left: "Either live the rest of your life as Cupa, or go along with the plan".

"Yeah, thanks, Notch," she muttered.

She had no idea what this plan was and Notch had not given her any details about it. Though clueless as she was, something told her she would figure it out. Maybe not today though. But she wouldn't be kept in the dark for long. Maybe, just maybe, I'll figure this out, she thought. Cupa stood up and exited the cave. She stretched herself out before going any further.

"Hey there!"

Cupa flinched after hearing those words come out of nowhere. She turned to see the boy with the stone sword standing not far from her position, looking at her. She froze, seeing that he was looking at her but loosened up after noticing the sword was sheathed.


One of the first thoughts that ran through her mind was what the hell was he here for. Cupa had been dreading the idea of having run- ins with other people. Though this guy didn't look threatening, or at least didn't display himself that way. He wore a grey jacket and dark brown pants. He had grey eyes and black hair. His clothes and hair were covered in dust, most likely from rolling down the hill. Compared to her original body, the boy was slightly taller.

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