Chapter 5

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Eric took no time finding the girls something to eat (Which consisted of a few waffles and some apple slices) and then showing them each a room to stay in.

He found them some clothes from his sister's closet (She was on a trip to the Bahamas) and went downstairs to watch some T.V.

A few minutes later, the girls came downstairs. Eric had given Andr a black dress with a grey sweatshirt and Gelli a green skirt with a light-green sweatshirt. Eric's mouth hung open, and they both blushed. " guys look amazing!" he said.

Eric asked the girls if they would like a tour of his neighbourhood, and they excitedly agreed. "Let's go right now then!" he exclaimed.

They stepped outside into the crisp air of the afternoon and started walking towards the park. They arrived shortly after. Andr was amazed by how the park looked. Gelli jumped up and down in giddiness. They walked down the tree-lined pathway leading around the perimeter of the park. Andr and Gelli had never seen anything so beautiful in their lives!

It was starting to get late, so they started to head home. A block away, however, they heard the sharp crack of thunder. They looked up, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

As they neared the house, they heard a girl exclaim, "Where am I?" Then they walked inside...

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