Chapter 3

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Eric stared into the hollow, white eyes of his most feared enemy, Herobrine. He sneered at him while trying not to show any fear. Herobrine, however, does not see fear...he senses it!

It a monotone voice, Herobrine started speaking. "Your world will crumble to dust with you as it's lone survivor. Then, you will suffer a slow, painful death lasting a thousand years!" In his head, Eric was thinking,"Why ME?!". But in his voice, he said as quietly and seriously as he could,"Not if I can help it!".

Suddenly, Eric saw the screen start to flash and the desktop starts to shudder. The screen started cracking before it erupted into an explosion of gases and glass!

Eric was thrown back into the wall next to his bed. The last thing he saw was the face of Herobrine staring down at him through those empty gateways to his soul called his eyes. Eric's vision faded darker until nothing was left. Then he blacked out...

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