Chapter 7: The Transformation

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Simon slumped down the black rolling chair and flipped open the great piece of machinery that as his computer. He stared into the sea of pixels for what felt like hours. He locked his eyes with the login screen. He already knew what he was going to do, yet he didn't feel driven enough to do it. Simon was depressed. Eventually, he grabbed the mouse and entered in his password. After loading for a few quick seconds, the screen changed to his background. It didn't take long for all the icons to load up. The first one he saw was Minecraft: a game Simon downloaded two years ago. Admittedly addicting, Minecraft proved to be extremely fun and helpful. Simon smiled- finally something to help take his mind off of past events.

Simon was 16 and pretty thin from having Type 1 diabetes. His height was 5 foot six inches. His hair and eyes were black. Underneath his eyes, which were red from lack of sleep, was a faint splash of freckles that had stuck with him throughout his childhood. At the front of his hair was a cowlick which he just let hang. Usually, when he smiled, you could see dimples. Today was not one of those days.

If he wasn't so depressed, he wouldn't be considered today okay. But it felt like nothing worked right. Actually, he admitted that wasn't true. The majority of his depression stemmed from things at school. One of those being his inability to get in a relationship. He knew it wasn't necessary to have one to have one but still, he yearned to share something mutual with someone. There were girls he liked before. Though none of them worked out and one girl, for some reason, brutally rejected him. He didn't understand. From what he knew he was a nice guy, and his friends seemed to agree. He never mistreated others. So he would blame himself for being the way he is. He was always concerned with what other people thought of him, making him somewhat self-conscience. He knew he was making a big deal out it. There were worse than being forever alone in high school.

Life at home wasn't so bad. Sure he got quite a bit of trouble from his sisters once in a while, but other than that and the sound of his mother yelling home was somewhat peaceful. The one thing that always plagued his mind was the secret desire to be different. Now he was already considered unique by his friends. But deep down, being human wasn't enough. He knew it was impossible to change the way he wanted to. Though he could change some things about himself, he was limited. He would still be a teenager chasing after girls who thought little of him. Simon shook the thoughts from his head. "Come on," he muttered, "it's time to forget all of that."

He dragged the mouse over to the grass block icon and clicked once. That's when everything started happening. In a split second all of the icons vanished off of the screen- all except the Minecraft one. Then the desktop started rapidly flashing. Simon's eyes widened. A virus, he thought. Simon started desperately shaking the mouse but to no avail. He looked around frantically, searching for an explanation. He left the volume off right. He couldn't have, as there was a loud scraping sound resonating from the speakers of the computer.

"What the hell?"

The sound he was hearing wasn't one he'd heard come out of his computer before. And frankly, it didn't sound good. Now even more irritated, he started shaking the laptop. The sound increased in volume, forcing him to cover his ears. His mom could've heard this from downstairs, but was not responding in any way. By now, Simon was starting to get worried. He continued to clasp his hands over his ears. Once the range of the sound's volume reached its climax, everything went quiet. He looked up at the computer screen. It stopped flickering. He sighed.

"Thank god that's over," he said.

As if on cue, Simon was hit with immense pain, knocking him the ground. He landed with a thud not helping him at all. Now on the floor, he started writing. He grasped his sides which were in extreme agony. That pain spread throughout his entire body, increasing with intensity. He clenched his teeth tightly. It was unlike anything he ever felt in his entire life. It hurt so bad he couldn't bring himself to scream. All he could do was squirm. Every part of him screamed in agony but he could do nothing to fight it. What the hell was going on? The pain continued to intensify.

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