I stalked grumpily towards the school's refectory, my stomach grumbling loudly, causing me to cringe slightly at the sound of it but then glower at every single thing that appears in my peripheral vision. A lot of people halt from their tracks and tried to stare discreetly at me but I glared at them heatedly, triggering them to scamper away.

People should know by now that I am not a morning person. Tactlessly, a woman who had me in her womb for nine months didn't quite get the memo. I had trouble sleeping last night due to not getting used with the time zone difference. Being splashed by a cold water on my bare face at five in the ungodly morning makes everything ten times worse.

Without a second thought, I walked away before I could murder my own mother and grabbed a banana as I decided to go to school alone. Thus, having a grizzly [Yn] strut towards the coffee machine, unleashing her wrath by scowling at every single specimen who's brave enough to meet her eyes.

Grabbing my strong coffee, I hastily took a sip of it, feeling a bit relax. I could still feel some curious eyes staring at me but I chose to ignore them, my eyes fixated at the cup of life saver on my hands. I took my banana and started peeling it.

A sudden malevolent thought strike me. I have never actually seen someone slip and slide due to a banana peel in real life. Shrugging, I dropped the peel on the floor and hoped for the best.

What happens next is something I was not quite expecting. As if I was pulled out from a cliché film, I bumped onto someone, causing my coffee to spill all over the ill-fated person.

"Shit!" He exclaimed, fanning his varsity shirt frantically to somehow cool down the excruciating burn. I looked up and gasped to see my seatmate from yesterday. Alas, this time he was not smiling. His face was beet red from frustration as he stared down at me.

I opened and close my mouth like a fish desperately trying to gasp for air. Just as I was about to speak, there was a sudden girly squeal and a girl appeared right beside the guy. She stared in horror at the mess I created and then gave me a stony glare.

Honestly, I am not intimidated by her desperate attempt to scare the wits out of me. As if knowing that she's not doing well, she rolled her eyes and turn her attention back to the guy. "Oh my gosh! What the hell happened? This is a whole lot of trouble! Lauren will be so furious!"

The guy froze, his eyes widening at the mention of the name 'Lauren'. I instinctively imagined punching this Lauren girl. "No! Don't do that, Katy. I-I'm fine."

"You are fine?!" She screeched painfully, I swear almost all of the students covered their ears. She acknowledge my presence again, giving me a vicious sneer. I noticed that she is wearing the same outfit as Keisha so they might be on a same club or something. I can't see Keisha as a cheerleader but then, she sort of suits the role. "You! You have done this on purpose, haven't you?!"

I snapped back from whatever dimension of thoughts I was in and gave her a mischievous smile. "Why, no. Why would I do that?" I blinked innocently, clasping my chest theatrically.

"Liar—" She was cut off by the guy elbowing her lightly. Her eyes widened at the little deed but fortuitously pursed her lips shut.

"I am truly sorry, um," I started, "I wasn't looking my way and I didn't mean it."

For a moment, I thought it was the end of everything. Closing my eyes, I await for the throbbing blow or smack but as the seconds tick by, I felt nothing. Opening my eyes warily, I flashed a confuse look at the guy.

His jaw was clenched but at least he was not glaring at me anymore. I don't know what it is but it gave me a sense of relief. "It's...alright." The girl was about to protest about his quick acceptance but he shut her up with a look. I admit, I am bewildered and shock as well. I perceived him as the typical jock who'll push someone up the locker and threatening him/her that he'll make his/her life a living hell from now on, but boy, was I wrong. "Really, it's okay. Uh, I still have an extra shirt in my locker. Watch where you are going next time."

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