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‘[Yn], we’re moving to Oklahoma.’ I frowned. Those words were like a continuous loop going through my mind. A tear slip through my eyes, and I wipe it out quickly, afraid that they might know how this affects me gravely.

“Are you done packing up your things, honey?” Dad inquired as he carried the boxes to our mini van. I wanted to scream at him: tell him to stop moving the things out of the house.

“I don’t feel like going to Ohanna.” I replied. “It’s too sudden, dad. I haven’t had the chance to say goodbye to my friends. This is so unfair!”

Mom appeared from nowhere and smiled. I hate it when she gives me that smile—it only reminds me of how she’s good at persuading people. The thought that I’m one of the gazillion people who give trust easily makes me cringe. “Sweetheart, it’s Oklahoma--”

Seriously, mom. Not interested in geography right now. So if you could please just stop.

“You know well that your father got promoted, right?” She sustained. I nod in disappointment, pretending that I understand everything when all I could only think is falling apart. “Besides, Oklahoma is an oh-so beautiful place. You will not regret it, I swear.”

I shrug, thinking that it’s not best to open my mouth once more. The words might come out wrong and upsetting.

Everything happened in a split of a second, and I am now standing in Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma. Dad mentioned about taking another 23 mile ride to Edmond but I chose to ignore him and shut them all out in my mind for a little while.


“….the place, [Yn]?”

I blinked. Okay, what is happening right now? “I beg your pardon?”

“I said, how’s the place? We’re here.” Mom repeated, as she looks at me with wide eyes.

I scan the house and can’t help but to smile. The house is too good to be true. Maybe this moving-out-thing isn’t that bad after all.

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