"So, your new friends will come over?" Mom asked again as she whisked the butter. She pulled out the cake mixer and plugged it in. "Will you please get me the frosting?"

I nod and walked over towards the fridge. "Yeah, they will. And where is the frosting?"

"Under the platter, [Yn]." She answered. Just as I was about to give her the icing, the doorbell rang. "Honey, will you please answer that?" She called out to my father.

"[Yn], answer the door." My father ordered from the living room.

"Mom, answer the door." I said which earned me a look from my mother.

Sighing, I walked towards the door, my footsteps thundering against the floor. Opening the door, I saw Keisha and Angela slumped on the floor, drizzled in sweat and were both gasping for air.

"Holy cheeseballs, what happened?!" I asked, helping them out to stand.

"You have no idea." Keisha alleged, wiping her sweat.

"We forgot to ask you your home address," Angela filled in, "which is injudicious for us, by the way. We have knocked over twenty houses. One of which was not so benevolent. Can you imagine? They let their wild dog chase us!"

I shoot them an apologetic smile. "I'm so sorry. Um, come inside. You need to get some refreshments."

As soon as they stepped inside the house, they scanned everything with prodigious wonder. Their exhaustion gone and there, replaced their fascination. Angela stared at the ornamental embellishment dangling over the walls. "Wow, your house is beautiful."

"We just robbed this house so I thank the previous owners for that." I shrugged and walked away, hoping that they would follow me towards the kitchen area. Looking over my shoulders, I figured that they were still planted at their previous spot. "I'm kidding! Now, come on."

When we arrived at the kitchen, mom was halfway done with the food. Her face brightened when she saw my new friends. In a swift motion, she took her apron off and walked closer towards us. "Hello. You must be [Yn]'s new friends?"

Keisha and Angela grinned. "Yes. Nice meeting you, Mrs. [YLN]."

My mom tittered. "Oh, please, call me 'Tita'."

"My mom likes to keep the Filipino ethics." I said, noticing my friends' baffled expressions. "I'm half."

They both nodded and said a collective, "Ooohhh..."

Rolling my eyes, I said, "Whatever. Well, mom, we're going upstairs."


"Oh my gosh, you have a game room?!" Keisha wonders, as she run over the beanie bag and made herself comfortable.

I shrugged in response. "I guess."

I have never entered the game room yet until now. I admit, the room is imperturbable. An old pacman machine was perched on the wall just a few distance away from me. The huge flat screen was the main attraction of the room. I grabbed the game book and tossed it at Angela.

"This is fascinating." Angela said. "Can I live here forever?"

"Sure," I laughed, "let's just keep it a secret because the adults might freak out. I might give you cheese from time to time when I feel like it."

Angela rolled her eyes and went back to observing the room.

"Hey, I have an idea!" Keisha exclaimed out of the blue, causing both Angela and I to jump in utter surprise. "We should go to the park!"

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