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I am feeling lucky today. The school called us to say that they're cancelling today's classes due to some sort of 'Board Meeting' and whatnot. I am delighted with the good news, knowing that I won't have to see Harrison's face for two hours in detention.

So as a post celebration, I decided to have a quick Skype call with Angela and Keisha.

"Hello, sweetie pies!" Keisha exclaimed, waving her hands frantically on her front camera. I took a minute to observe her background. Her room is bright pink and were adorned with band posters—- from One Direction to R5, and so much more. "[Yn], we've heard about Harrison and you being sent to the Principal's office. We're so sorry that we weren't there to support you!"

Angela nodded, putting the book down that's blocking her face from the camera. "For someone with good looks, he is such a detrimental person."

I laughed. "Well, he earned the slap. Seriously, I don't want to talk about him right now."

"What do you want to talk about then?" Keisha wriggled her eyebrows suggestively. "How's your feelings with Greyson?"

My eyes widened at her question. They can't possibly know?

"What do you mean by my feelings with Greyson?" I feigned innocence.

Angela rolled her eyes and point an accusatory finger at me. "I can see through your act, [YFN]."

"Come on, [Yn]! We deserve to know. Fill us in!"

Sighing, I told them what happened, leaving some few details of course. Keisha ended up squealing in her room in the end—that her mother had to poke her head in her room to check if she's okay. Angela was wearing a smug smirk through the whole story telling.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" Keisha prance around her room. "He took you to his house! His house! My ship is sailing!"

Angela ignored the crazy Keisha and gave me a look. "Greyson got your number? And, you met Cody? As in, the Cody?"

Keisha stopped herself from fangirling and sits back down on her chair. She adjusts her camera so that we could only see her pale face. "I think she said it right, Angela. Oh my gosh, that little fangirling drained me but I know my fellow girls out there understands. It's amazing though."

"What is?"

"That you met Cody, Morgan, and Greyson's family."

"True." Angela agreed. "My mind is still processing at the fact that Greyson got your number. The process and wirings confuses my brain so much."

I chuckled. "Of course it does."

It took us a couple more hours to talk about senseless things, mainly Keisha rambling about her frustration towards One Direction's former band member, Zayn Malik. She even showed to us a demonstration of her fury by tearing one of her precious Zayn posters; Angela blabbed at how Zayn Malik has one of the most perfect symmetrical face—consequently leading her to dive onto her scientific theories and hypothesis.

"Trueee." Keisha slurred, "if I ever meet that piece of hunk—I'm going to bombard him with questions: Why does your face hold as much wealth and rich of the world? Is your face exotic and golden, with grandeur of wisdom stored beneath that breath of an angel of yours? Why are you perfect—with a voice of silk, never faltering and as flawless as a strand of pure diamonds? And, also—WHY DID YOU F-CKING LEFT THE BAND FOR AN ASS-FACE JERK LIKE NAUGHTY—"

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