I heard an abrupt sound of my curtains being rolled up and a sudden scorching light penetrated through my eyelids causing me to hiss like a dying cat. I rolled over to the other side of the bed, my back against the sun's glaring rays. Before I could unleash my wrath and murder the first person I'd lay my eyes on, my mother spoke:

"[Yn], wake up. Your father will speak of you about your new school."

I groaned, closing my eyes tightly. "Go away."

"If you will not wake up, I will throw you in the streets." She threatened. I immediately shot up from my bed, fixing my wild bed hair and ran all the way downstairs, her laughter ringing through my ears.

Mother use to threaten me whenever I refuse to get up from my bed. I was ten back then, and as a foolish amateur I was, I shrugged her off knowing that she won't actually do such things. Alas, she carried me all the way to the pool and threw me right in the chlorine-infested water.

Dad was on his usual spot, sipping on his coffee and watching some news that I don't give a toss about. He must've heard me opening the fridge when he looked back and gave me a heartwarming smile.

"Hey, [Yn]." He started. I know where this is going. He is going to use his persuasive skills to allure me in whatever darkness that awaits me. "So, I'm sure you've heard that school has just started a week ago and you're a week late, obviously."

I nodded my head in agreement. "Why do I feel like I am about to hear something worse than a zombie apocalypse?"

He shook his head and laughed. "Well, it isn't as worse than zombie apocalypse maybe. But, I've talked to my boss and he said his son studies there too. Since, we just moved in, there's a justifiable excuse for you to enroll a bit late than expected. So, get dress."

I flailed my hands in the air hysterically to prove my absolute distress. "Wait, wait! I lost you at 'I 've talked to my boss'—"

"[Yn]." My dad sighed. He is trying his best here and he's a bit upset with the fact that everything he has imagined for me has not gone the way he was expecting it to be. Well, sorry, dearest father. I am quite surprised with the awful news too. "Please understand that we need to do this. Besides, I have read the reviews about this school and it is astounding! There'll be sports which you'll be certainly interested in."

I flinched at the thought of it. Back in my old home—and back in my astonishing school—I got to play my favorite sport and maintain my social status. The fact that I have to go to a new school, get plunge into a sea of nameless faces, being considered as an underdog, and starting a fresh page, scares me.

One thing that I don't like is starting new. It means I have to get pass through layers of awkwardness, making first big impressions and such. But, looking at how my parents are doing their best to give me everything that I want, I pursed my lips and nodded with disdain.

My father's eyes lit up as he told me to get dressed once again. I sighed and went up, silently wishing that the earth will swallow me up at this moment.


I stare at my new school in all its form and splendor. Cheyenne Middle School, it says. There's a colossal building in front of me and another building at my left. I have no idea how much time I spent ogling at the building that I jumped and screeched when a voice spoke behind me.

Clutching my outrageously thrashing heart, I whipped my head back to see who spoke. I glared at the person, waiting for him to speak again.

"Um, I scared you there, I guess." He scratched the back of his neck and gave me a rueful smile. "I'm Harrison. I haven't seen you until now. You're new here?" He offered me a hand.

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