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I pressed my back against the rough barricade, my breath hitching from dodging the paint that almost got me. Gripping my paint gun tighter, I aimed at the streak of blonde hair and pulled the trigger. A girlish scream erupted and I chuckled evilly.

Magenta is now evicted from the game, causing her partner Angela to be evicted as well. She's still whining about getting shot when Angela yelled for her to shut her mouth. We had been playing for god knows how long. I admit, I am taking this very seriously.

I look over my shoulders to see Greyson reloading his gun with paint. Even though we were paired by force (Screw you, traitorous friends!), he hasn't made any effort to converse with me. Mainly, it was me talking about strategies and him nodding. Our first target was Tanner and we easily took him down—knowing that he is a possible threat.

"Alright," he grunts, "there are just four of us left. Cody is an astute man and Morgan knows her tractability well. We don't know how much of a threat they are."

I sneered. "So, you're talking to me now?"

His eyes dropped to the ground and I didn't fail to notice a glimpse of his red cheeks before he turned his back on me. "I just—.."

"Whatever, Chance."

"Look," he turned to face me again, his face holding an offbeat yet flustered expression, "I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me—"

Our conversation got cut off by Tanner's voice. Greyson and I exchanged puzzled looks and took turns at peering at the hole in the wall. Tanner was holding a microphone in hand as Daniel stood beside him, holding a boom box with a baffled look on his face.

"What the hell is he on about?" Greyson muttered as he run his hand on his hair.

I didn't bother to respond when Tanner ordered Daniel to turn the boom box on. After testing the thing out, he heaved a deep breath and scanned the abandoned place. "We have come to the final round of the...1st Annual Hunger Games!—"

"First Annual?!" Greyson look at me with irritation in his eyes. "Could he be more stupid?"

"—-There are only four—-oh who am I kidding. Good luck, idiots. Only one team will win. May the odds be ever in your flavor. Whatever."

"It's favor, dumbass!" Alexa whispered.

"Oh, yeah? How sure are you—?"

Greyson and I tuned them out. I took a long breath before facing Greyson again.

"Whatever it is, I forgive you. Besides I don't like the avoiding thing. It is unnerving." I said.

He grinned. "Yes, it is."

"Now let's go kick some ass."

The whole surrounding fell into a dead silence. I scan the place, hoping to see any signs of our next targets but there's none. Zip. Nada. Nah.

Before I lose all the hope in me, I saw Morgan's brown hair sticking out on a big rock. She must've thought that the rock could conceal her wholly. News flash, your hair can't camouflage with the surprisingly white rock.

With a maniacal grin, I started humming the Final Countdown as I move slowly on my spot. Greyson must've catch on when he started aiming his gun as well. I can't help but to stare at him for a while. He look pretty hot. He was wearing a camo pants and a black sweater. His nose was scrunched up in an adorable way as he focused on the matter at hand.

Focus, [Yn]!You're such a creep!

Shaking my weird thoughts away, I clicked the trigger.

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