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His Brotherly Ghost by lillilycutie
His Brotherly Ghostby Anika Elizabeth
Danny Fenton has a secret, he is also known as Danny Phantom! After his secret gets out his parents team up with the GIW to capture Danny. Once they found him he was to...
  • 18
  • memory
  • ghosts
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The Alpha's... Mate? by Maddie_4
The Alpha's... Mate?by ❉maddie❉
Ellie Kourt: Alpha's daughter, free spirited, adventurous, stubborn. Those are just a few characteristics that describe Ellie. She was always told she got her dramatic...
  • grace
  • lovers
  • love
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Emma and her five step brothers  by jennieN3333
Emma and her five step brothers by Just Jennie
Emma Stone is just your typical normal 14 year old girl. At least that's what you'd think when you look at her. This blonde hair, blue eyed beauty's dad ran out on her...
  • dyedhair
  • highschool
  • newfamily
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Confident by ItsWayPastMyBedtimee
Confidentby •Tasha•
Brooklyn Fox's parents are going through an ugly divorce. They decide to ship Brooklyn off to a small town to live with her cousin. A new face is a rare occurrence in th...
  • badboy
  • mate
  • greyson
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Greyson Claim ( needs editing) by possessiveloverfever
Greyson Claim ( needs editing)by Moon_possessive_
MINE. He yelled as he pushed me up against the desk. No please let me go. I cried. Shhhhh Mia bella you are mine and only mine. All 18 Ava Johnson ever wanted was to hav...
  • claim
  • greyson
  • possessive
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Every Picture Of Him Has Love / g.m.c by euphoricgrande
Every Picture Of Him Has Love / Leia Claudette
Who says workers can't fall for their clients?
  • love
  • fan
  • greyson
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You Might Be The One by c4liforniasky
You Might Be The Oneby Jul
  • love
  • chance
  • enchancer
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Starting Again (A Greyson Chance Fan Fic) by kelblind
Starting Again (A Greyson Chance Kelcey Chance
New York is a new book in my life and as I begin to write more chapters, I'm having a feeling there might be a prequel to this story...
  • fiction
  • fic
  • fan
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My dysfunctional life [ON HOLD] by irishviolet07
My dysfunctional life [ON HOLD]by Hensley Dwight
Lily Creaton is a 17 year-old orphan, it wasn't always like this.Her parents left her in charge of her little sister for their anniversary dinner, later she found a poli...
  • death
  • akward
  • dysfuntional
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Until The World Ends (Greyson Chance) by TaylorsChances
Until The World Ends (Greyson Taylor
Augustina's small town has been destroyed in a war no one thought would happen. After her mother dies, her and her brother leave for the woods that they both know well...
  • chance
  • greyson
Tap by EvanishingRose
Tapby Maddie
Sometimes you don't really know a person until you're forced to serve detention with the person who's tortured you since kindergarten. Let's see what happens.
  • library
  • greyson
  • detention
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Because Of Me ! by TriziaBelza
Because Of Me !by Me.Enchancer
  • azalea
  • birthday
  • greyson
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I Love My Bestfriend. (Greyson Chance Love Story) ♥ by ShairalineMayAliwala
I Love My Bestfriend. (Greyson ShairalineMayAliwala
What if you fell for your bestfriend? :) What would you feel? ♥ This is a story about YOU and Greyson. Enjoy being one of the character, and just go and read this, haha...
  • chance
  • greyson
  • love
Power by 2many2count
Powerby 2many2count
Young Justice Fanfiction. Cara Reed has a superpower, but how she got it? No one knows how she got them, only her. She is a huge fan of the Justice League and Young Just...
  • greyson
Polarise >>Tyler Joseph<< by twentyonewalkerss
Polarise >>Tyler Joseph<<by
Just a another fan-fiction written by just another girl.
  • greyson
  • tylerjoseph
It All Started With A Frisbee by sneaky_flower23
It All Started With A Frisbeeby sneaky_flower23
Charlie is a sophomore in high school. She is a shy girl but as soon as she is alone with her friends, there's no stopping her. When she grows an interest for an older g...
  • fun
  • story
  • love
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