Bind Chapter 1

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Kurt took a deep breath and let it out slowly. It had been a while since he could. Since he could really take a nice long breath and relax. He rotated his shoulders and flexed his fingers. He rolled his head from side to side as he sat back and stretched his legs. He coiled his tail around the tree branch he was perched on and wiggled his toes. The air was warm and a little moist as the wind blew through the leaves and reached him. Just an average brisk spring day in upstate New York. The students of the Xavier institute were spread about outside - enjoying the sun. It was rare that Kurt ever got to sit around so he intended to take full advantage of his down time. It came so briefly to the X-men so he was going to nap intensely, over eat between naps and if he was really feeling it he might even watch a movie later. Much later though as his spot in the tree was calling his name.

"Kurt." He could actually hear it. "Kurt." He opened his eyes when he heard it again. That wasn't in his mind. He looked down and Ororoe was standing on the ground looking up at him. "Are you busy?" He tried not to give her look - clearly he wasn't busy she was just looking for confirmation that he could do something for her. But when she smiled he couldn't help but want to help her with what ever it was.

"Not terribly so - did you need something?" He asked.

It turns out Ororoe wanted Kurt to talk to one of their newer recruits. Apparently he was having trouble adjusting to life at the mansion. They had acquired him from a traveling contortionist cirque right when it was discovered he was a mutant. Being ripped away from everything and everyone he knew and flung into the day to day at the institute was undoubtedly jarring. But Ororoe suspected that there was something else plaguing the young man. As it turned out his mutation wasn't so different from Kurt's. Hank had been the one that convinced the boy to come to the institute but it seemed that's where his trust in Hank ran out. Ororoe thought he might open up to Kurt - their age difference wasn't as wide and when she asked some other students which teacher was the easiest to talk to Kurt's name came up a lot. He made his way through the dorms and knocked on door 215.

"Come in." Came a reply. Kurt walked in and saw the boy sitting at his desk. Except for the lime green streak in his hair dyed black hair he looked like a normal caucasian teenager. He jumped slightly when he saw it was Kurt. "Yes?"

"Are you Oliver?" He asked. The boy didn't take any of his classes so he couldn't place his face. He just shook his head and pointed to the bed closest to the window. Kurt gave it an odd look as he walked over. He glanced at the other boy he just gestured to the bed again. Kurt finally understood and knelt down. He lifted the bedskirt and looked underneath and sure enough there was someone down there. He gasped and inched back away Kurt. "Hello there. Are you Oliver?" He asked. All he could see under the dark bed were the whites of his eyes and some of his hair - his night vision adjusted his sight a little and he could see the boy's brown skin.

"Oui." He answered quietly.

"Oh, Henry brought you in didn't he? He's fluent in French but um... ah... Je suis Kurt. Um... je ne umm..."

"I speak English." Oliver said quickly.

"Wunderbare!" Kurt said as he adjusted into a better position to see him. "There's no need to be scared, Oliver. You can come out."

"No thank you." He shot down the invitation.

"My name is Kurt—"

"You said that." Oliver interrupted.

"Right. I did. Well, I'm Kurt Wagner - I teach here. Ms. Monroe thought you'd like to talk to me."

"About what?" Oliver asked. Kurt could tell by his tone that he was just becoming more and more anxious. He was rushing the conversation so Kurt would leave.

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