My Bias Vs Your Bias

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This is not  a game but I just wanna share who are my  biases in kpop groups and wanna know your biases.
The rule is simple. Just comment your bias(es) in each group in the comment section below. Enjoy~

PS : those groups I don't mention below are the ones I forgot or I don't have bias in them.

EXO : Sehun

SNSD : Taeyeon

Shinee : Minho and Taemin

NCT : Taeyong , Jaehyun , Yuta ,
            Jungwoo , Lucas, Kun

Red Velvet : Irene

Blackpink : Jennie


iKON : B.I and Ju-ne

Twice : Nayeon and Jihyo

Got7 : JB

2PM : Nickhun

Day6 : Wonpil

SF9 : Rowoon and Chani (but I love all of them!!!)

Cnblue : Edited : Literally, no one

AOA : Seolhyun

Seventeen : Mingyu

The Boyz : Sangyeon

Wanna One : Sungwoon

Infinite : L and Sunggyu

Btob : Sungjae and Ilhoon

Pentagon : Kino

Monsta X : I.M

Victon: Sejun

Apink :  Naeun

Astro : Eunwoo

Vixx : Hongbin

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