The media

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It was a normal day (Y/N) woke up, got ready, ate breakfast, etc. today Mr. Aizawa Was telling the class about the fact that they needed to pick a class representative. After a while They decided to cast a vote based on who should get picked, in the end the person with the most votes was Izuku. After class (Y/N) walked to the cafeteria with Jirou, picked up their food, and sat down on a table, eager to eat their meal.

Just when they both were in the middle of chewing their lunch, an emergency announcement was broadcasted on the school speakers. "There has been a level 3 security breach, all students please evacuate outdoors promptly."

At first you were confused 'what does level 3 security mean?' The (blonde, brunette, etc) found out that it was code for breaking an entry or trespassing.

Instead of calm students evacuating into the suggested area, a swarm of panicked students desperately wanting to leave the cafeteria was what happened instead. While the huge crowd of people shoved and pushed to make their way out of there, (Y/N) was separated from Jirou in the process.

She ended up being shoved into Iida, fortunately he didn't get harmed by the sudden weight being pushed up against him. Since both of them were near a window, they could get a distant view of the front gate. The entrance was overrun by news reporters demanding to see and/or speak to All Might this all started happening when they announced that the symbol of peace was now working at U.A as a teacher.

The (E/C) eyed female tapped the blue haired male on his shoulder, once he switched his gaze onto her, she pointed towards the scene involving the media.

Iida thanked (Y/N) before pondering about what he could do to calm the panicked students, he saw in the distance Kirishima and Kaminari trying to gain the attention of the students but ended up being pushed to the ground by the teenagers around them.

He suddenly got an idea of how to make everyone calm down when he saw (Y/N)'s pearl white wings start opening up a bit. "(Y/N) carry me!" She turned to and tilted her head to the side despite all the people around her. "What do you mean?!" She asked yelling over the noise. "Fly and then pick me up!" He yelled drifting away from her.

She suddenly stretched her wings out and started to lift into the air, she then swooped down and picked up Iida 'thank god my wings can handle the weight' (Y/N) thought. She soon placed the male on the small ledge on the wall, right above the exit sign.

"Everyone, everything's fine!" He stated as you flew onto the spot next to him, but not as close to the wall since you could fly and couldn't. "It's just the media, there's nothing to panic about." (Y/N) continued. "This is U.A, let us act in a way befitting the best of the best!"

That seemed to calm everyone down, the (H/C) haired girl turned to give Iida a smile before sighing in content 'our plan worked'

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