Angel [Todoroki x reader FanFic]

Angel [Todoroki x reader FanFic]

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*Your quirk is called Angel, you are very obedient, can heal people and have this ability called Guardian; where you pick someone from your class and you become their guardian angel for the whole time your at that specific school*

Your name is (Y/N) (L/N) you just transferred to U.A Academy, (Y/N) got sick on the first day and got in by recommendation and is also daughter of famous hero Dragon, but got her quirk from her mother. when you first got there you took a liking to the two tone haired boy named Todoroki Shouto. but sadly you found out he had feelings for the calm, beauty Yaoyorozu Momo. Will you end up broken hearted or have the happy ending you always wanted.

BNHA belong to Kohei Horikoshi, you belong to yourself, the plot belongs to me.

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