Sweet dreams

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(N/N) = Nickname.

(Y/N) P.O.V

I heard the front door open and my name being called from downstairs."(N/N)! I'm home!" called out my dad."I'll be in the kitchen if you need me!" He yelled from the kitchen. I smile, my red puffy eyes closing while a giggle escaped from my mouth. He has always been goofy, and trying to lighten the mood.

It's only me and my dad, my mother passed away a year ago from a villain attack. Her name was Irene, she had long golden blonde hair and beautiful (E/C) eyes. She was the famous hero Nurse, her quirk specified in healing. When she was healing someone a sparkling white light emitted from her hands onto the specific injury. She treated everyone with kindness and care, she was truly a beautiful woman. 

Just thinking about all the great moments we had together made me start crying again. I just missed her so much.

3rd Person P.O.V

"(Y/N)! Dinners ready!" your father yelled "coming!"You wiped your eyes from crying but there was nothing you could do about your puffy red eyes. While you ran down the stairs you could smell freshly cooked pasta, the sent getting stronger as you reached the dinning room. 

When you got there your dad was setting up the table for the food, he turned his head at the sound of your footsteps approaching the table."(Y/N) Can you help me s-" He suddenly stopped talking as he saw you rubbing your puffy eyes. 

He immediately got up and embraced you in a tight hug."Are you okay?" Your dad asked you as he hugged you."I'm fine, I was just thinking about mom again." He suddenly pulled away from you and held you by your shoulders looking directly into your eyes."I know you miss her and I do too but we can't dwell on the past. She will always look after us." He let go of your shoulders as he gave you a reassuring smile. The sudden clapping of his hands startled you as he walked over to the kitchen most likely to get the food. 

He came back with the food and placed it on the middle of the table, you got up to grab a plate from the kitchen but when you came back you saw him already with food and eating. After placing down your plate you sat down to eat, while placing food onto your empty plate your dad asked you if you wanted to watch a movie with him after eating. Since he always was out being a hero and saving people you never really spent any time with him so you agreed happily. 

After eating you and you dad sat together in your living room putting on your moms favourite movie 'Beauty and the Beast'. At around the middle of the movie you fell asleep, your dad noticed and picked you up and placed you on your bed. When tucking you in he placed a small kiss on your forehead while whispering two words to your sleeping form.

"Sweet dreams."

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