Too late

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hello! um just to let you know this is a WEEK later after todoroki had gone to momo's house.


3rd person P.O.V

As (Y/N) was getting ready for school she had received a message from Uraraka, it seemed urgent.

Marshmello: (Y/N)!!!!!! COME TO SCHOOL RIGHT NOW!!!

As soon as you saw the message you rushed out the door and flew to U.A. As soon as you got there you bursted through the classroom door. When coming in you saw everyone celebrating, there were red and pink streamers everywhere! And in the middle of it all was Momo and Todoroki, they were both blushing and holding hands.

Your panicked emotion immediately turned into one of heartache.

 Uraraka had spotted you from across the room, so you did the only thing you could do fake your happiness."(Y/N) You made it! Didn't you know? Todoroki had confessed to Momo two days ago! And after they started dating!" Uraraka exclaimed excitedly, she then dragged the (H/C) haired girl towards the the couple. While getting dragged by the happy girl you couldn't help but notice Jirou in the back looking gloomy. You (surprisingly) managed to escape from Uraraka's grasp and walked towards the purple haired girl.

(Y/N) P.O.V

"Hey you okay?" I ask Jirou, she looks away from me."Its nothing, you should be with Todoroki and Momo." She says in a shaky, low voice."Can you please tell me? I promise I won't judge." I tell her holding out my pinky."Promise?" The purple haired girl asks me."I promise." After reassuring her she wraps her own pinky around mine. Jirou then looks up at me with glossy eyes and pulls me out the classroom door to talk. 

"So why are you sad Jirou?" She turns to me as a few tears escaped from her eyes. Then she suddenly wrapped her arms around me and bursts into tears."Its just, I love Momo buts she's dating Todoroki! And it hurts!" The purple haired girl cries into my uniform 'I know how it feels' I thought "Looks like we're both in the same situation" I say as I look towards the closed door blocking my view of the couple inside the classroom."Wait you like Todoroki?" she asked looking up at me with tears still evident in her eyes. I nodded while smiling as fresh, hot tears fell from my eyes. I quickly shook my head and wiped my tears from my face "But the best we can do for them is support them." I tell her she then nods, wiping her own tears. We then walk into the classroom together while telling ourselves the same four words.

'We were too late.'


hope you liked this chapter!

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