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Okay so huge thanks to @Spicybug for voting on my story. Also Sorry for not updating i had writers block and had no idea how to develop the new chapter. Also this is after the weekend.

And a bit of swearing since Bakugou is going to make an appearance in this chapter.

No Ones P.O.V

(Y/N) and Jirou were walking to school together when the (E/C) eyed girl suddenly bumped into Momo at the front gate of the school. Momo turned her head towards her with a soft gaze until she saw Jirou standing next to (Y/N), her soft gaze suddenly turned into a sharp glare. Just when the (H/C) haired girl was about to say something to her, she harshly whipped her head forwards and continued heading towards the school. (Y/N) was confused but ignored what happened.

                       ~~~~TIMESKIP TO LUNCH~~~~

(Y/N) and Jirou were heading to the lunch room when Todoroki approached the both of them. "Hey, you guys want to have lunch with me and Momo?" He asked casually while pointing to Momo sitting at an empty table, patiently waiting for presumably Todoroki. "Of course!" Replied Jirou happily, she looked over at the (H/C) haired girl, waiting for her answer. (Y/N) smiled "Sure." Todoroki nodded and lead the two girls towards his current lover.

When the (E/C) eyed girl sat down, next to her violet haired friend Momo glared at (Y/N) harshly. (Y/N) didn't think much of it so she just shrugged it off, she turned her head towards Todoroki. "Hey guys i'm going to go use the washroom." Jirou informed as she got up from her seat, "Okay, but don't take to long!" (Y/N) exclaimed playfully. After the purple haired female had left (Y/N) decided to start a conversation. "Anything interesting happened to you?" The (H/C) haired girl asked her crush, resting her head on her palm. He sighed "nothing out of the ordinary." Just as Todoroki had said that a certain blonde yelled out in an aggravated voice.

"Fucking Deku!" Todoroki got up from his seat explaining that he was going to help break up the fight before anyone got hurt. Once he left the table Momo immediatly turned her head towards the (E/C) eyed girl and said in the calmest voice two small words. "Stay away." (Y/N) was confused 'who is she referring to?' She thought as she replied to her words. "Stay away from who?" She narrowed her eyes at (Y/N) before responding with an answer. "Jirou." The (H/C) haired girl was even more confused with the answer she gave. Before the she could ask anything more, Jirou got back from the washroom. 

"So what happened to Bakugou." The violet eyed girl asked as she sat down at the lunch table. (Y/N) and Momo both turn their heads towards Bakugou only to see him being scolded by Iida and Aizawa with Todoroki by their side. Suddenly just as Todoroki has returned and sat down onto the lunch table the bell rings, signaling the end of lunch.

                      ~~~~TIMESKIP TO END OF DAY~~~~

"RING!" As soon as everyone hears the final bell they as start rushing out of the classroom. (Y/N) and Jirou exit the school together, on the way to eachothers homes their chat for a bit about their school day until they go their seperate ways. While (Y/N) was walking home she had thought about what Momo had told her, she began wondering why Momo would want her to stay away from Jirou.

Once she reached her house she decided to not worry about it so much, so she brushed it off and ended up forgetting all about it.

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