New school, new me!

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Hello this is the first chapter enjoy.


(Y/N) P.O.V

"Oh wow! The school is bigger than i expected it to be!" I thought out loud, getting excited looking  around seeing so many different people. 'I wonder who will be in the same class as me' I wonder while opening the door slowly, trying not to attract much attention to myself.

"SQUEAK!" Was the noise made by the huge door, everyone's eyes went directly to me 'the last thing I wanted was to attract attention.' while looking around I noticed a man in a yellow sleeping bag on the floor. He looked like a caterpillar. 

"Ah, your here. Introduce yourself." The man who is presumably Mr. Aizawa said, unzipping himself from sleeping bag. Here goes nothing "Hello my name is (Y/N) (L/N), daughter of famous hero Dragon. please take care of me!" I exclaimed while bowing, i heard some gasps and muttering something about my dad? I lifted my head, only to see my future classmates waving at me, and some giving me welcoming smiles. But one person in the back had caught my eye, a handsome boy with white and red hair, beautiful blue and grey eyes. Once i noticed i was staring i turned my head towards this girl with short brown hair.

"my name is Uraraka Ochaco," she said in a bubbly voice. She then turned towards a boy with neatly combed blue hair, and glasses "this is Iida tenya, the class president," woah, he looks like a soldier. and lastly Uraraka turned towards a boy with green fluffy hair. "And this is Izuku Midoriya." Midoriya's face turned red as Uraraka spoke 'i bet he has a crush on her.' i smirked while thinking of the fact that Midoriya possibly has a crush on the bubbly girl.

Midoriya turned to me and said nervously "You can just call me Deku." I smiled at him "Deku it is then." More people then came towards us to talk to me, most of the students asked to touch my white fluffy wings or asked about my quirk. while everyone was still talking I switched my gaze towards the two tone haired male and exclaimed "This is going to be a great year!" everyone stopped what they where doing and looked at me and started to cheer happily.

"Shut up." said Mr. Aizawa.


i hope you enjoyed the first chapter! (sorry if its trash) 


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