chapter 4: his pov.

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Jacks pov-

I started to walk out of my house when I saw a girl in leather with a small bag across her shoulder. She looked upset but at the same time she looked pissed.

She hopped on her bike, which looked oddly familiar, and sped off.

Since she looked pissed/sad I decided to follow her. I know what can happen if you drive when you're in that state of mind.

She drove for about half hour before she stopped at some woods. The same woods as my safe spot.

She walked through the woods till she came to the clearing. She had stopped to take in the beautiful view. The waterfall, the flowers, and stone path.

She followed the path and stopped at a patch of grass and started digging with her hands, probably forgot to bring a shovel. When she finally got the hole big enough she opened her bag and put two men's t-shirts in the hole along with a picture of a girl who I'm assuming is her and a man, who looks like her just in a man form.

The last thing she took from her bag was a piece of paper. She started to read off of it and I heard most of it. Her father committed suicide and she blames herself. God that sucks, I know how she's feeling too. And it sucks.

Soon she just sat there looking at the view so I left to go meet up with my boys.

Time skip he's at his house with his buddies-

Hey guys have you seen that new girl I asked.

No why- Daniel

Cause I saw her today leaving her house so I followed her and...

Wow creeper, you followed her said Zach

I followed her cause she looked pissed and upset. It turns out she had a funeral for her father who committed suicide.

How do you know all of that. They asked at the same time

When I followed her she had wrote a note and I heard most of it and that's how I know.

We continued to talk about her for a while, then about other stuff.

Ravens pov-

After the shock wore off I got up to go and find the address when I got confronted by the wicked bitch of the west.

"Umm Raven... I uhhhh I need to tell you something".

"What now"

"I just thought you should know that you umm start school tomorrow"

"OK whatever asshole"

Ughh I guess I should get ready for bed it's already 11:30.

Authors note-

Thank you to anyone who has continued to read my book. I know it sucks and that I'm a bad writer but I just Wanted the say thanks.

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