chapter 6: how to deal with bitches

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They looked me up and down and smirked not knowing what I was capable of.

I fake smiled at them as they came up to me.

"Hey I'm Heather, this is Olivia,brook, Grace, and Mary
And we're the popular chick's of the school" she said

"OK Heather can I tell you something about myself" I asked

"Of course but make it quick I don't have all day"

I rolled my eyes and said
"I'm Raven I don't give a fuck about you or your little squad of bitches, I'm here cause I'm forced and if I have to hear the whole stay away from my boyfriend speech don't bother cause I won't listen anyways, it's just not how I do things. And I and if you get in my way I will beat the shut out of you" I smiled sweetly as I finished

"Um bitch much"

"Wow that's all you can say, there must be a lot of air up there" I said and walked off towards my locker.

As I passed them I looked back and saw the guys, Jack looking fucked up btw, I smirked and continued walking.

I grabbed my Helmet and left to go get star bucks, I was gone till 4th period then I came back for my last class.Math.

I only showed up cause I wanted to see if the guys wanted to hang after school.

I went to class, late I might add, and everyone stared at me.

"Look I know I'm hot and all but no need to stare"

The teacher just looked at me asked for my name and told me to introduce myself.

"I'm Raven Black, I fucking hate school with a passion, I'm into tattoos, alcohol, bikes, and sex. Fuck with me in anyway I will best your ass" I finished with a smile and sat in the only empty seat which was in the middle of Jonah and Jack. Zach was in front of Jack Daniel in front of Jonah and Cornyn in the middle.

They all looked at me and smiled, I smiled back a real genuine smile. Which shocked me it felt like forever since I smiled a real smile.

I looked at the board and saw a bunch of equations that I was supposed to do, but I didn't feel like it so I put my feet on the desk and put my music on.


"WHAT" I screamed

The boys just laughed and told me class was over.

"Ughhhhh wanna hang tonight?"

The boys looked at each other and agreed. I told them to message me and I'd text them my address and the time to come. That way I had time to go and see about this gang I'm supposed to lead.


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