chapter 1: suicide?

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Ravens pov:
I was on my way home after being expelled from school for the fourth time this first semester. You may be thinking what happened this time well...
-flashback to second period-
So it is now second period and I'm late. So I'm walking to class and I was 7 minutes late and when I walked into class high as fuck I might add the teacher and students just stared at me. When the teacher finally spoke I was barely paying attention.

'Mrs.Black why are you late and why do you smell like a skunk sprayed you?' She questioned.

'Well you see I was walking to class when some plastic barbie bitch got in my way and started trash talking my dad, sooo.... instead of beating the living shut out of her I went outside and smoked and joint.' I said truthfully.

She stared at me in shock before saying ' one language and two get down to the principals office NOW!!!'

'OK first I speak English, spanish, italian, and Russian, and secondly I would love to visite my favorite person in this school.' I said while the class started laughing.

'Class stop laughing and mrs.Black I didn't want to know what languages you spoke' she said

'Well why did you ask then' u questioned
'OFFICE NOW!!!' She yelled

I walked out of the class room filled with laughter and I made my way down to the office. You are probably thinking shouldn't you have just gotten a suspension well this is my fourth strike...I also punch my principal for being a dick.
Flashback over-

As I'm arriving home I realized that my front door was slightly ajar. I started running for the front door and into my house. I searched the house everywhere when I reached the bedroom that's when my whole world came crumbling down. My screams were heard by the neighbors who came running in. They called the cops and tried comforting me but all I could see was my father's lifeless body hanging from the ceiling.

I was told but officer Tamera that I would have to pack my things as I would be moving to live with my mother. I would ship all my stuff and bring one suitcase and one carry one is what I was told.

One thing was on my mind the whole time. Why would my father kill himself we had everything? Was I so hard to live with? Was I the reason this happened?
I started packing to start my life with my gold digging mother.

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