chapter5: the new girl starts school

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Ravens pov-


"Stupid fucking alarm waking me up. Fuck you" I screamed.

"Ummm raven what's wrong, why are you screaming?" Asked my mom.

"None of your god Damm business woman"

"Oh OK then"

After that I got upand took a shower.

I curled my hair, and did my make up. And put on the outfit above. And some combat boots.

I grabbed my phone and put it in my pocket. I grabbed my bike helmet and headed downstairs.

I grabbed a apple, ate it, and left.

I hopped on my bike and left for hell. As I neared North Park I sped up and drove really fast on a parking spot getting everyone's attention.

All the guys were gauking at my bike and the girls were pushing there fake tits up to there ears.

I hopped off the bike took my helmet off and shook my head so my hair fell down in perfect curls.

I got lots of wolf whistles and cat calls. And the death stares from the sluts I mean girls, the lovely lovely lady's at this school of bitches.

As I walked towards the school I winked at some of the guys, smirked at the girls giving the stares, flipped off some of the guys.

And all was going fine until one of the "jocks" decided to grab my ass.

I stopped immediately, slowly turned, I grabbed his neck like I was going to kiss him, then slammed him into the side of the school.

"If you ever dare to touch me again I swear to god-" I stopped to pull out a knife and then continued.
"- I will kill you, and I won't need this knife to do it" I said.

He just nodded his head, I let him go and he ran off.

I turned around and everyone looked scared shitless, but one group of people.and those people are gonna be my group of friends.

I smirked at the boys who looked amused and walked toward the school.

I walked right into the office where some whore was sitting at a desk. She didn't even look up just kept scrolling through her insta feed.

"You know you could at least acknowledge that someone walked Into the office instead of sitting there with your fake tits pushed up to your fucking ears" I said.

"Name" she said without looking at me.

"Oh and the whore speaks, if you were really trying to get the principals attention you should where something that covers at least your ass so he don't think everybody's fucked that I don't want to get an STD"

I laughed at her expression, but that soon faded into anger which made me laugh even more.

"What is your name" she said through gritted teeth.

"Raven Black"

Her eyes widened and I had no Idea why but then I thought ohh maybe it had something to do with the gang.

She hands me my timetable and a map of the school.


P.1- English mrs. Lane
P.2- art mr.Nash
P.3- science mr. Kelly
p.4- math mr. Martin
Semester 2
P.1- history mr. Spencer
P.2- photography mr. Henderson

P.3- gym mrs. Frank
P.4- free period

OK so I'm not going to English today and-
class just started to let's go smoke some pot.

I walked to go find my locker it was 420- the perfect locker for me.

After a bit I found it I put my helmet in there perfectly so it didn't get scratches on it. I grabbed my keys and headed out to my bike.

When I found my baby, I popped open the secret spot I made in my bike, right under the seat and saw the four perfectly rolled joints I grabbed before I left for school.

I finished my joint when the boys from earlier came up to me.

"Shouldn't you be in class new girl" one of the five said

"Shouldn't you" I said

"Hey I know that bike, I want that bike, your the person who raced me and kicked my ass"


"You got your ass kicked by a chick, dude."

"Names" I said

"What" they all asked together

"What are your names"

"Oh right, well I'm Daniel, that's corbyn, this is Jonah, that's Zach he's the youngest, and that's Jack you kicked his ass"

"OK well anyone wanna joint?" I offered

"Sure" Jack said

I open the seat and pull out my bag and hand him one. I gave him my lighter to use and he got high.

"Holy this shit is good, where do you get it."

"I have my friends"

"OK well it was nice to meet you fellas but I gotta go, seems it's lunch time now"

"But it's only second period" Zach said.

"Ya but I don't really like school and if I stay I'm gonna get really bored real quick"

"Oh ok" Zach said

"Well can we have your name and number" Jonah Said.

"Sure, the names Raven and my number is 666 420 6969"

"OK thanks" Jonah said

I started walking towards the school to get my helmet when three bitches stopped me.

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