chapter 8: with a truth be told

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After I met the gang the boys and I left to go chill like we had planned after school.

We chilled at my mom's house well I guess my house by technicalities. So right now it's 3:30 am and we are playing truth or dare.

(J-jonah, d-daniel, c-corbyn, ja-jack r-raven and z-zach)

J. Daniel it's your turn

D. OK jack truth or dare buddy

Ja. Truth

D. Is it true that Raven the world's best Gang leader kicked your ass in a race?


R. It's not that big a deal


R. Oh haha

J. OK Jack your turn

Ja. Zach the other half to Jachary truth or dare?

Z. Dare me bitch

Ja. OK I dare you to... go streaking but not right now you half to run into school tomorrow naked.

Z. Truth

All. Hahaha can't change it now buddy

Z. Ugh fine I'm only doing rhus cause I never back out of a dare.

R. Omg me either

Z. OK then raven truth or dare

R. Easy dare

Z. I dare you to make out with Jack seeing as you too clearly have a thing for each other

R. Done and maybe we're just really good friends

I said as I got up and walked over to Jack and sat so I was straddling him. Then we had the hottest make out session. I swear it made me wet.

R. OK Jonah truth or dare

J. Ummm I guess truth

R. OK umm who do you like best out of everyone in this room.

J. Nice question and the answer is you

R. Hahaha fuck to u fuckers

I said flipping them off. The game kept on going until it hit a question I did not want room answer.

C. Raven we know you're not an only sibling and I'm not talking about your half sibling we wanna know about your real one

R. This game is over. Everybody get out.

C. We won't judge you please just tell us

Ja. It's OK raven you can trust us

R. I have trust issues so I don't really know who I can and can't trust anymore so I'm sorry but I'm not going to tell you what happened yet, but I will tell you that yes I did have siblings 2 of them. One younger and the second one younger by like 5 minutes... I had a twin and a beautiful younger sister but my dad told me what happened but I'm not sure if it's true or not anymore.

I said this I promised myself right after mom left and my siblings were gone that I'd never ever cry in front of any one ever again that's why I said..

"I'm sorry I'm just not ready to talk about it. I have to sleep we have school in the morning you guys can crash here if you want there are spare bedrooms. I'll show you"

I showed them the rooms and went to mine got ready for bed and of course gave them my extra clothed cause I like to sleep in men's wear. And that night for the first time in a long time I cried myself to sleep. Just think about how fucked up I am.


Hwt guys hope you like the chapter I worked real hard on this one. Again I'm sorry I know I'm not the best writer but I'm trying my best.

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