chapter 7:meeting the gang

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I hopped on my bike and rode out of the school parking lot. I went home dropped my school stuff off and got showered and changed before I left to meet the bronze dragons.(outfit above)

I hopped on my bike and drove off to 4204 high street. It was a long paved road with a old broken down building that u was assuming was the head quarters (HQ).

I stopped my bike, hopped off and went inside. Where I was meet with a lady who looked frightened when I walked in. She quickly grabbed her gun and pointed it at me.

"Who the fuck are you?" She questioned

"Raven Black, daughter of Ryan Black. The natural born leader to the Bronze Dragons."

She looked at me questingly then grabbed a picture off her desk. She looked at it then to me. Soon her anger turned into happiness and she engulfed me in a hug.

"Come with me you have to meet the rest of the gang" she said pulling me.

"Sure but what's your name?"

"Toni, Toni Topaz"

She brought me to what they called the pit where a lot of people sat looking bored.


They all looked at me then they all got up and cheered. I just laughed knowing I'd always have a family.

I looked around the room and saw five familiar faces. Danile, Corbyn, Jonah, Jack and Zach.

I walked over to them shocked that they were part of the Bronze Dragons.

"Hey guys"

"Raven, you're our new boss" they all said together.

"Ya I guess so. I didn't even know my dad was part of a gang let alone leader of one."

"I thought you told us you were poor and were always struggling?" Zach asked

"We were or so I thought. I mean I did realize we were randomly getting new stuff, expensive stuff but he always just told me I got a raise."

"Oh yeah that makes sense" jack said.

Shut up. I said while pushing him.

I smiled and he smiled back. Well  you guys wanna show me around? I asked

Sure they all said

But I gotta find Toni Daniel said

Ouuuuu someone gotta a girlfriend?

He looked down and blushed, not girlfriend.

Well just say while she was showing me around to the pit she told me there is a really good looking guy, named Daniel, who she really hopes asked her out soon.

Omg raven you have to help me plan how to ask her out.

Sure, just let me know when

Omg you're the best. I fucking love you right now. He said while hugging me

Hahaha.  OK let go please. Can't breathe

Sorry. Let's go show you around shall we. Jack asked

We shall.

And we took off around the HQ and they showed me everything.  The last thing they showed me which was on the tip floor was my office. They told me I was gonna have to pick a right hand man or second in command. And all the other stuff I'm gonna have to do.

As it turns out we are involved in drugs, and guns.

I think I'm gonna like it here. This is my family. Not that cranky old bitch called my mother.

And I'm not gonna tell the gang this but I love them all so much, and I'm gonna take good care of my family.


Hey guys hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I'm working really hard on this book.

Thank to everyone who is giving my book a chance. I know I'm gonna have some grammar mistakes but whatever I'll fix them when I edit my book at the end.

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