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At HQ-
R.Yo Sam what's the issue with our gun shipment. They have to go out today or we don't get our money.

S. Well I called in and they said it should be here by now but when I went to call the guy who shipped us the guns he didn't pick up.

R. Everyone around here is useless. Did you not think to maybe leave a message or call him back later. Now I have to deal with the problem cause you couldn't do your job I assigned you correctly. Next time don't fuck up.

Ja. Rav don't you think you were a little too harsh on him?

R. No now I have a call to make I'll be in my office if there is an emergency.

I go up to my office and make that call. (G.S= gun supplier)

G.s. hello how may I help you

R. Yes hi I'm looking for Mario. I have a shipment of gun that were supposed to be here by now but they haven't shown up. He better not be fucking me over.

G.s. I can assure you its probably a mistake I put you through to his line.

R. OK thanks

M. Hello

R. Hey Mario its...

M. Raven right

R. Ya listen I thought the gun shipment was supposed to come by niw.

M. It hasn't shown up yet that's weird it should've been there last night.

I could here the humar in his voice there was this sarcasm in his tone.

R. You aren't fucking me over now are you Mario cause you know what will happen if you do.

I said this in the deadly tone in have.

M. Raven last time you told me I'd regret it you lost your father

R. Fine game on...BITCH

I grabbed my Gun and told the boys to get in the van I also brought David, Connie and Bridget with me for back up.

R. Take everyone out that you can but leave Mario for me

We pull up to Marios gun shipment building. I got out before the van had even stopped moving and I started shooting guards left right and Centre.

I ran inside to the top floor. Through the secret passage entered about 6 codes and finally got to Mario.

R. Well hello....Mario

I said with venom dripping through my words.

R. Have fun in hell. Hope to see you there later.

And with that I shot him right through the Centre of the eyes.... or so I thought.

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in a while I was going through some stuff. Still am but figured I should get out another chapter do you don't hate me too much.

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