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Sup guys!

No I'm joking, hi :)

Louis and Eleanor are like my favourite couple, so I wrote this story. I can't update a lot, beacuse I write this at my dads house, which I go every 2nd weekend :) So enjoy!

Eleanor's POV

"Are you sure Harry?" I asked the curly haired boy. "Yes El, I’m sure, Louis would love to meet you and so would the other boys." he said. I sighed. "Fine, I will book a flight to London, I will be there tomorrow, see you then Haz." I said. "See you then El." he said. I hung up and sat on my bed.

Harry has invited me to spend a month with him in London. I've missed him a lot, since he left for X-Factor. I started to pack some of my clothes and other things. I texted my parents telling them I would be gone when they get home from their trip tomorrow. I got out of my pj’s and went to take a shower, I washed my light brown hair with my strawberry shampoo and conditioner. I got out and dried my hair and put on my pale pink shorts, a white singlet which had a lace back, and my tan sandals. I put my wavy brown hair up in a messy bun and added a white ribbon. I went back to packing and I put my make-up and hair stuff in. I would put my toothbrush and toothpaste in later. I went down stairs and grabbed my purse and decided to go out for Starbucks, my favorite coffee shop in the whole wide world! I walked down to Starbucks with my phone and purse. My phone beeped and I had one new text. Mumxo - Hope you have fun with Harry and the boys, lots of love Mum and Dad xoxo. - I sent her a quick text back and then booked my flight to London on my phone.

Ah, where would I be without my iPhone, probably nowhere.

I walked into Starbucks and I could smell the wonderful smell of coffee and hot chocolate. I went up to the girl and ordered. "Can I please have a caramel frappe with extra cream." I asked. The girl nodded and made my frappe. I paid and went and sat in the corner table. I had one new twitter mention. @Harry_Styles - Can't wait to see my bestest friend ever, @EleanorJCalder xoxo! @EleanorJCalder - Nice to know you miss me @Harry_Styles.- I drank my frappe and walked down the road to check out the Top Shop sale. I went in and saw about 7,837,338,388,383 million things that I liked. Hey, what can I say I like my clothes. I had a look around and picked out a strapless dark blue maxi dress, high waist denim ripped shorts, and a plain black singlet, which showed a bit of my stomach. I went and tried them on and bought them. I went back home and put them in my suitcase.

I sat down on the couch and texted my boss that I was having a holiday and she texted me back - Okay Eleanor, have fun and take as much time off as you need. - Lauren was a great boss, she was really caring and nice. I went to my movie cabinet and searched for a movie to watch. I picked out the, Avengers, (A/N yeah I know its not out yet but it's an awesome movie, saw it with one of my best friends). I made some popcorn and got a glass of coke. I sat down on the couch and placed a blanket over me.

I honestly love the Avengers, poor Spider Man he didn't make it in.

*2 hours later*

I got up from watching the movie and made myself some lunch which was, a salad. I sat down and I had a text from Harry:

Text Messages between Harry and Me:

HarryisSexy (he put his name in my phone) - The boys are pumped to meet you, very excited! HARRY!! :) xx -

I sent one back to Harry.

El:) - I'm pumped to meet them too, you and Louis better have good movies! El xoxo -

HarryisSexy - Oh we do :) HARRY!!:) XOXO -

El:) - Thank god, my flight leaves at 6am, so I will be there around 8 :) El -

HarryisSexy - Ok goooodddd, Lou and I will pick you up! Haz :) -

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