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Aunt Mays hand went lifeless. When Tony came back, Peter's face was stained with tears. Peter cradled his Aunt's hand, praying she'll come back. "Please, Aunt May! Don't leave me," Peter wailed.

Calming the boy, Tony broke the silence, "let's go to Avengers tower, and figure everything out in the morning alright?"

Peter nodded with miserable painting his shoulders.

As they walked out of the room, Peter looked back at his Aunt's lifeless corpse.

"I love you."

-at the Avengers Tower-

Arriving at the tower, Tony showed Peter's room to Peter. "Th-thank you, Mr. Stark," Peter quietly said.

"If you need anything, call Steve or me. We're available at any time. Also, just call me Tony. Good-night " Tony replied, giving a reassuring side hug.

"Good-night," Peter responded, looking up from the floor to make eye contact with Tony. Peter's eyes were puffy and red with tears in his eyes. Tony tightened the hug before leaving the bedroom. With the door shut, Peter walked over to his bed and collapsed. Instantly, Peter was asleep.

The next four days, Peter skipped school. In those days, Peter spent his days in the tower. During that time, Peter met the Avengers. From his first meet, Peter could smile.

-summary shit thing over(a year later)-

Peters had only one month left of summer before he'd return for his last year of high school. His fathers, Tony and Steve, still had no clue that peter was the boy under Spider-Mans mask.The first time Peter had met Ironman a week after Aunt May died. Peter hid his identity, creating a voice changer device in his suit.

Peter woke up with the sunshine in his eyes. Peter dressed and walked to the kitchen where the Avengers were eating pancakes. "Mornin dad," Peter said, stealing some pancakes from Steve's dish.

"Good morning, buddy!"

Peter greeted the other Avengers with the same enthusiasm. Afterward, Peter stuffed himself with pancakes and syrup.

After Peter finished, he excused himself. "Hey dad, I'm going to go to Ned's house," Peter lied, actually leaving for patrol.

"Alright, stay safe and come home by 11:00 PM" Tony responded, not taking his eyes off of his little tablet. Peter grabbed his backpack, jogging out of the tower. Peter changed into his suit and webbed himself onto a rooftop.

The time was 9:57 PM when Peter sensed something was wrong. In a few moments, Peter heard an alarm go off. Peter webbed himself to the bank where he heard the alarms wailing. Through the broken glass, Peter yelled "surprise," before webbing two of the robbers. With guns pointing and shooting at Peter, the hero dodged every time. "What? Were you guys trained by stormtroopers," Peter chuckled? These robbers had the worst aim. Peter climbed on to the roof to avoid getting hit by a bullet. Once Peter was on the roof, he tackled a robber and webbed him to the ground. Peter tried to tackle another robber to the ground, but the man shot Peter's leg. Peter webbed the guns out of their hands, webbing every single robber into submission.

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