Chapter 1 ✨

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"Mama, why do we have to move?

"If you weren't on your goddamn phone all day, doing only God knows what, you would have heard me tell you that I got a promotion which means we're moving to Florida."

"Mama all my friends including Brittany and Harmony are here."

"Yeah, me too" my 15 year old brother Derek said.

"I did not push out both of y'all fat heads for me to hear this nonsense. I'm the one that provides for you two, not your little friends. Both of you are under my care and live in my house so you follow my rules. So you better tell your little friends goodbye because we're leaving in 2 days. You can go pack now.

"But Ma-"

"I do not want to hear zip from you two. I brought you guys into this world and I for sure can take you guys out." Mama said leaving no room for discussion.

"Are you kidding me." I thought while I was walking upstairs.

I need to tell Harmony and Brittany that I'm moving or else all hell would break loose.

(FaceTime with Harmony = H 💘 and Brittany = B 💞 Melanie = MelMel 😈)

MelMel 😈 : guys, i'm moving to Florida because Mama got a promotion. 😭😭

H 💘 : babe, you've got to be kidding. how are we going to survive our senior year without you? this was supposed to be our year. i'll miss you so much. 😩😭

B 💞 : we're gonna miss you hoe. make sure to call and check in on us at least twice a week 😭💗

MelMel 😈 : I'm gonna miss the both of you. i'll call and check in once we've settled down.

I really am going to miss my girls. I don't know how I'm going to survive my senior year without them. I guess I need to pack my belongings now cause knowing Mama she'll whoop my ass if I'm not done by tomorrow.

Hey guys. This is my first book so if there are any mistakes can you nicely point them out cause a girl might be typing stuff wrong. Anyway, comment and vote 🍑

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