6. Happy 4th Of July!

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Today Ben and I are going to tell the losers about what we saw.
We all meet up at the 4th of July parade in the same ally where I saw Ben all bloody.
We are all talking about the missing kids except Richie who is trying to play a tuba but failing miserably. Eventually he gives up and comes to the alley.
"Ben and I need to tell you guys something." I blurt out.
"O-o okay i-i Iyla, what is i-i it?" Bill asks me.
"Can we go to the benches first?" I ask the group.
They all nod their heads.
"What is it Iyla?" Richie asks me with concern in his beautiful voice.
"I saw something yesterday, and I am so confused and scared. I heard whispers and then I saw my dad who would beat me up as a kid while drunk then blame me for it. But it wasn't really him, he was all rotten and distorted. I stated biking away then I saw something in front of the neihbolt house. I saw.."
"A clown." Eddie finishes my sentence. "Yeah I saw him too." He adds.
" I-i I saw Georgie and t-t the clown in my house." Bill adds.
" I saw a creepy lady in my dads office." Stan says.
"Was she hot?" Richie asks.
"No Richie, she was not hot."
Richie frowns.
"I saw the clown too." Mike adds.
"Same." Ben comments.
"I heard the voices." Beverly says.
Everyone turns to Richie.
"Did you see anything?" I ask Richie.
"What are you afraid of?" Eddie asks Richie.
"Clowns." Richie says while looking at the ground.
We all go to Bill's house to talk about the clown, and the missing kids.
Bill puts a map on his garage wall and sets up his projector. Ben hands him one of his projector chips of the town sewer system.
We look at it and point out where our encounters. And it all lines up with the sewer system, and where all the pipes line up is the house on neihbolt street.
"That's the house on neihbolt street." Eddie point out while taking a puff from his aspirator.
All of a sudden Eddie rips the map of the wall. "This is crazy, I am about to have a panic attack, and I can't breathe." Eddie spits out.
"P-p put the map back." Bill yells at him.
Eddie shakes his head.
All of a sudden the projector starts clicking and flipping through Bill's family pictures.
"Turn it off!" Mike yells.
Now it is getting faster, then it stops at one photo and Bill's mother starts morphing into the clown.
Everyone is screaming, Bev is in the corner on the ground, I am also on the ground screaming while everyone else is running around.
Then the projector stops, everybody stops screaming and looks at the wall.
"Is it over?" Bev questions.
Then the clown pops out of the wall and starts crawling around. He is twice as big as he was when I saw him and he looks like he is ready to kill.
Everybody is screaming again and Richie hugs me tightly. The clown starts to crawl towards Beverly and right when he is about to kill her Bill opens the garage door and the clown vanishes.
Beverly gets up and walks toward Bill she hugs him tightly.
"Thank you." She says breathless.
"N-n no problem." He replies.
I turn towards Richie and hug him even tighter burying my face in his neck.
I hear him whisper in my ear that it was ok and that the clown was gone, and that made me feel better.
"W-w we have to g-g go after him." Bill says.
"Are you crazy? It's summer we are supposed to be having fun." Stan says.
"If you say it's summer one more f-f fucking time." Bill threatens.
"Bev almost got killed." I tell him.
"I-i I know and that's not okay but w-w what if someone else goes missing? We have to stop it." He assures us.
We all look at him silently and then he hops on his bike.
"We know w-w where he lives and n-n now I am going to stop him. Bill says.
He rides away and we all look at each other knowing that we have to follow him.

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