5. Crackhead House

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On the way home I get new ideas for songs so I decide to go to the kissing bridge and write my song. I decide to go to the kissing bridge because the song is about Richie, and the kissing bridge is a romantic place.
I stop at home to grab my song book, a pencil, and my guitar and I bike to the kissing bridge.
Once I'm there I sit down and look at the water while all my ideas flow through my head.
I start writing things down and I start making the tune to the song when I hear a whisper.
"Iyla" it says.
"Hello?" I question.
"We all float down here Iyla." It says again.
I know that voice, I just can't put my finger on who it belongs to.
"It's all your fault Iyla." The voice says then it hits me. The voice is my dads voice.
My dad would go out to the bars and get really drunk since I was 8. He would come home and beat me and say that he blames me for him drinking. My mom would try to stop him but he would lock the door on his room. One day Ben, my mother, and I woke up and he was gone, along with all his stuff. The only thing he left was a note with 5 words on it "it's all your fault Iyla."
"You did this to me Iyla." My dad says.
I look up and I see him standing at the end of the bridge, rotten and decaying.
He starts running towards me yelling "it's all your fault Iyla, you need to be taught a lesson."
I quickly pick up all my things and start peddling as fast as I can. Now he is running faster and I try to peddle faster. He is gaining on me so I turn the corner onto the next street I saw. I keep peddling and I look back to see where he is and see nothing. I turn my head forward and I see a clown in front of the crackhead house.
I stop peddling and look at him, feeling my heart stop.
"It's all your fault Iyla." It says.
I quickly turn around and bike back to my house breathing heavily.
When I get back I go straight to Ben's room and shut the door.
"Is everything okay Iyla?" He asks me with a concerned expression on his face.
"Have you seen anything weird lately?" I ask him.
"No." He says while scratching his hair.
"I know your lying." I tell him.
"Because every time you lie, you scratch your hair." I respond
"Ok fine, I did see something weird right before Henry attacked me."
"What did you see." I ask quickly.
"Promise you won't tell anyone?" He says.
"Promise." I assure him.
"Ok well I was reading a book on Derry history and I heard a jack in the box playing. So I turned around and I saw a red balloon floating down a staircase. I started to follow it and it led me downstairs where all the files are.
Then I saw someone coming down the stairs, I could only see his legs at first and he stopped right before I could see his head. Then he took one step down and I saw that he has no head. Then he started running towards me so I started running away. We were running for 20 seconds then I hear a voice. "Hey egg boy!" It yells at me. I turn around and on top of the body was a clown head. When I turned back around and I bumped into the librarian." He says with fear in his golden brown eyes.
"When I was at the kissing 20 minutes ago I heard voices, then I realized it was dads voice. I looked up and I saw dad, but it wasn't really dad, he was all rotten and decayed. I started peddling away and when I got to the neihbolt house there was a clown. I am so scared Ben I don't know what to do." I say.
" I think we should tell the losers."
"Tomorrow?" I ask.
"Tomorrow." He confirms.

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