3. "Sissies"

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Ben leaves early to go to the quarry but I walk to Keene's to meet Beverly so we can walk together.
We make it to the quarry and we see all the boys standing at the edge of the cliff  in the same white underwear looking down.
"Who's going to jump first?" Richie asks the boys.
"We'll go!" Beverly says as I am unbuttoning my dress.
All the boys look around at us and I feel her hand pulling me to the edge of the cliff. I jog with her and we jump, "sissies" we say on our way down.
As we hit the water I feel very accomplished, and I hope I impressed Richie.
"Holy shit, we just got shown up by girls!" Richie shrieks as we pop our heads out of the water.
All the boys jump in the order of Bill, Richie, Stan, Ben, and lastly Eddie.
We begin to splash each other and Richie suggests that we do chicken fights.
"I call new girl!" Richie says referring to me.
"I c-c call b-b Beverly!" Bill says.
I hop onto Richie's shoulders and Beverly goes onto Bill's.
I can't help but feel excited that Richie chose me as his partner. Wait, does this mean that he likes me? I am so confused but so excited.
We start the fight and I almost tip but Richie has a very tight grip on me, making me feel protected.
I eventually knock Beverly off and we all laugh while I am still on Richie's shoulders.
Then before I have time to breathe I get knocked off of Richies's shoulders by Beverly and I fall into the water.
As I struggle to get back to the surface I
feel a pair of hands lifting me to the surface.
I take a big heaving breath and open my eyes to find myself in Richie's arms.
"Careful new girl, we almost lost you there." Richie says while setting me down.
"Thanks" I tell him and I feel myself blush.
We walk to an area to sit down and Beverly and I set our towels down beside each other and lay down.
All the boys sit down on the rocks and Richie puts on his stereo.
We are suntanning for 5 minutes and i peak out of the corner of my eye and I see all the boys looking at Beverly and me.
I specifically see Richie look at my chest and I smile to myself. It's not that I want him to look there but I really don't mind.
"I think we have some secret admirers!" I whisper to Beverly.
She smiles and looks up at them and they all turn away.
I can't help but laugh at their red faces and when they hear me their faces get even redder.
"I'm sorry about your brother Bill" I say to him.
"T-t thanks." He says back to me
"I-i it's like my parents have f-f forgot about him, t-t they never talk about him and they ignore m-me." Bill tells the group.
"I have been doing research about Derry and I found out the people go missing 6 times the national average here. That's just the adults, kids are worse." Ben says.
Ben passes around a folder with articles about Derry, and missing kids in it.
"I have more stuff if you guys want to see?" Ben asks.

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