7. Beep Beep Richie

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We start biking toward the house on neihbolt street, frightened of what's going to happen.
When we get there we see Bill muttering something as he is walking up the rotten steps, but it is barely audible.
"What are you doing?" Eddie yells at Bill.
"I am going to stop it. Everyday when I get home all I see is that Georgie isn't there. All his toys, all his clothes, all his things are there but not Georgie. For me walking into this house, is easier than walking into my own." Bill says.
"Wow." Richie says.
"What?" Stan questions.
"He didn't stutter once." Richie says.
"You're right Bill." Says Bev.
"O-o okay, who wants to stay out here t-t to keep w-w watch?" Bill asks the group.
We look around to see that everybody has raised their hand.
Bill ends up picking 7 straws that are   either small or large, and making us pick one. 3 people will have small ones, and 4 people will have large ones. Whoever has the small ones goes with Bill inside the house. That ends up being me, Richie, and Eddie.
Just my luck I think to myself, as I walk  into the the house.
We stand in the entrance for a bit then decide to look around the first floor.
Richie goes into the room on the left and pulls a piece of paper out of the dead plants.
The three of us go over to him to look at the paper when we notice that Richie's face has gone pale.
"Am I going to go missing?" Richie says while we look at the paper.
The paper is a missing kid poster with Richie's face, age, and the date on it.
"No you are not going to go missing." Bill assures him.
"That's my face, that's my hair, that's my age, and that's today's date!" Richie says while panicking.
"No Richie you aren't going to go missing, you are safe with us." I comfort him.
I go to hug him, but he hugs me first, I feel that he is shaking all over so I hug him tighter.
"It's ok, it's ok, don't worry." I whisper into his ear, while he buries his face in my neck.
He pulls away and nods his head.
"Help! Somebody please help me!" We hear a voice yell.
The voice is from upstairs so we slowly make our way up the stairs.
We get up and look down a long hallway and see and open door with a girl on the ground, covered in blood and dirt.
"B-b Betty?" Bill says.
"Ripsom?" Richie finishes.
She coughs and then she is pulled away by whatever is in that room.
We slowly start walking down the hallway towards the room, and once we get in it the door shuts.
"Guys!" Eddie yells but we don't hear him.
"Wait where's Eddie?" I finally notice.
Bill is about to answer but he is cut off by a loud whisper.
"Richie, Iyla!" The voice says.
We look into the direction that we heard the voice, and notice that there is another room.
Richie and I start walking towards it and once we are in it, the door slams behind us, leaving Bill on the other side.
We look around and see that there are objects in the room, but they are covered by tarps.
"Richie, Iyla!" The voice says again.
"Eddie?" Richie calls out.
"Come on, we are not playing hide and seek dip shit!" Says Richie.
Then all the tarps fall off the objects to reveal many clowns, and one coffin at the end of the room.
Richie knocks on one of the clowns to see if they are real or not but, all that comes out is a hollow sound.
"Whew, that was a close one." I joke but Richie keeps on looking at the coffin.
We start walking towards it and when Richie opens it he gasps.
Inside the coffin is two dolls, one that looks like me, and one that looks like Richie, but covered in blood.
On the lid of the coffin it has five letters written in blood on it. The letters spell out the word "found."
Richie slams the lid down, but seconds later it opens, and the clowns jumps out.
"Beep beep Richie!" It says
My heart stops.
Then the clown starts running at us.
Luckily Bill opens the door and grabs Richie, Richie grabs me but unluckily the clown grabs me too.
He bites into my arm and I feel an unbearable pain, like someone is stabbing me a million times.
I scream as Richie pulls me away and shuts the door.
I scream as the blood pours out of my arm. It feels like the life is being sucked out of me.
I am about to fall over but Richie catches me. "It's okay, it's okay, you'll get though this." He comforts me.
I look up at him and see that he has tears in his eyes. I put my good hand up to his cheek, he leans into it and cry's even more.
I look down and look at my wound and almost faint. It is a purple and red colour with a pretty deep indent.
Richie rips off the sleeve on my dress and wraps it around my wound.
"W-w we need to get out!" Bill says.
We turn around and see 3 doors, 1 with "not scary" on it, another with "scary" on it, and the last with "very scary" on it. I go to the one with "very scary" on it and open it to see the hallway.
"Thank fuck!" Richie blurts.
Then we hear Eddie scream.
"We have to help him!" I say as we all start running to the kitchen where we see the clown about to eat Eddie.
"This isn't real enough for you Bill? It was real enough for Georgie." The clown cries in a mock sad tone.
Then he runs at us and before he can get us, Bev shoves a pole through his head.
The clown cries while Mike, Ben, and Stan come into the room.
The clown turns around growling then walking toward us.
He gets closer and closer to us and everybody screams.
At this point we are all backed up against two walls screaming for our lives then the clown turns his head and slashes Ben in the stomach with the pole.
Everybody is screaming and holding onto each other, then the clown backs away into the basement.
I look at Eddie and notice that he has a broken arm and Richie is about to snap it back into place while Bill comforts him.
I look at Ben and and Mike and Stan are trying to stop the bleeding in his stomach, but are not doing very good.
Beverly is ripping the other sleeve off my dress and tying it onto my arm because I have bled through the other sleeve.
We run out of the house and bike a little bit away to a more public place.
We see Eddies mom pull up in her car and take him away but not notice Ben or I.
"W-w we have to try again." Bill says.
"No, no next time Bill! You're insane!" Stan shouts.
"Eddie was nearly killed! Iyla nearly got her arm chewed off! And look at this motherfucker!" He says pointing at Ben . "He's leaking hamburger helper!" Richie yells.
"C'mon guys, we know no one else will do anything!" Bev comments.
"Fine I'll be forty and away from here! I thought you wanted to get out of town Beverly?"
"Yes, but i want to run toward something, not away!"
"I'm sorry, who invited Molly Ringwald into the group?" Richie questions.
Beverly gives him the middle finger.
"Face it Bill, Georgie is dead, you couldn't save him, but you can still save  yourself!" Richie yells.
"T-t take it b-b back!" Bill commands.
"No." Richie refuses.
Bill punches Richie in the face, Richie tries to hit Bill back but Mike and Stan hold him back.
"You're all just a bunch of losers and you are going to get yourself killed!" Richie yells at us, then rides away on his bike.
Then Mike and Stan go.
Then Ben and I go.

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