4. "ROCK WAR!"

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We walk back to mine and Ben's house with the group and go up to Ben's room.
On the way Beverly asks me if she could see my room. I say yes and we go into my room as the boys go to Ben's.
Beverly's eyes scan around my room as she walks around.
My room is a light blue colour with floral prints all around. I have a bay window, posters of bands, records, art, pictures of my old home, my bed, a closet, and my precious art corner.
Beverly's eyes go to my guitar as I watch her look around.
"Hey, do you play?" She asks me.
"Oh, uh yeah I do."
"Can you play me something?"
"Um, sure." I say as I pick up my guitar.
"Is it okay if I play one of my own songs?" I ask nervously.
"Yeah, of course." She replies.
I start to strum and sing the first line.
"It's a little bit funny, that your never here. Is it my fault that your acting so weird?"
I sing the rest of the song and I look up to see all of the boys in my doorway. I look at Ben and see that he has tears in his eyes.
"Is this one about dad?" He asks me.
"Yes." I answer also with tears in my eyes.
"We should go to the Barrens." Stan says trying to lighten the mood.
"Ok, let me just grab my bike. Beverly, you can use our extra one."
"Thanks." She says.
We grab our bikes and start biking to the Barrens. When we get there we stop with and suck in our breaths.
"That's Belch Huggin's car." Eddie points out.
"Isn't that homeschool's bike?" Richie says.
"Oh no." Beverly says.
"We have to help him!" I say as we start making our way inside the Barrens.We stop when we see Henry punching Mike Hanlon.
Beverly picks up then throws a rock at him, and hits him right in the chest.
Mike has time to get away and come towards us. We all grab rocks as well as Henry, Belch, and Victor.
"ROCK WAR!" Richie yells as he gets hit in the face by a rock.
We all start throwing rocks and we get a good lead on them and I actually get good hits on them. But then I get hit in the arm by a big rock and I fall over.
"You're going to pay for that!" I scream and throw a rock. Luckily enough it hits Henry square in the face.
"Nice throw, new girl." Richie complements me.
"Thanks." I respond unaware of my own skill.
Eventually Victor and Belch run away, and Henry is left on the ground with blood rushing down his face.
We all start to walk away with Mike, the newest member of the loser's club, all smiling.
"Go blow your dad you mullet wearing asshole." Richie says as he sticks up two middle fingers and walks away.
I giggle and smile before leaving and biking home.

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