8. The Sewers

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I wake up to see Beverly laying beside me with her eyes closed. I shake her awake and she gasps, "where the hell are we?" She asks and I take a look around. Water everywhere, tunnels, a huge pile of toys and worst of all, deconstructed kids floating in the air.
"The goddamn sewers." I reply angrily.
"Well shit." She adds.
I start to look around for a place to escape but so far nothing, all the tunnels have bars protecting the openings and there is no other place to get out.
Beverly and I stand up and walk around to find anything that can help our situation and I see one of the tunnels doors are slightly open.
"Over there" I point and we start to run, unfortunately for us we don't even notice Pennywise run up to us and snatch us off the ground.
He starts to laugh like we told the most hilarious joke in the world and out of nowhere he snarls.
"Whatcha gonna do now girls?" He half laughs half talks.
"We are not afraid of you!" Beverly says.
He takes a big sniff of both of us and gags.
"You may not be now, but you will be, you will be." He says then his mouth starts opening up and three lights appear.
Look away Iyla, look away. I mentally scream to myself but I am drawn to their beautiful glow and spinning motion.
That's the last thing I remember.
The Boys POV-
"Who's gonna go in first?" Richie asks.
"Not me." Says Eddie.
"I-I I'll go." Bill says.
"Thank god." Says Mike.
First goes Bill, then Mike, then Stan, then Eddie, then Richie, Then Ben.
They all make their way down to the basement to find a big well with a rope hanging from above the well.
"I'll go first." Says Mike.
Mike grabs onto the rope and hoists himself down the rope to an opening in the side of the well.
The the boys help Eddie down the rope, then goes Ben, then Stan then goes Richie, then lastly Bill is about to go when he hears a sound behind him.
He turns around to see Iyla and Beverly, but they are rotten and decaying.
"Hi Billy!" They say in unison.
Bill is too afraid to move so he just stares in shock.
"You don't have to be afraid it's only us!" They say again.
Bill finally finds the courage to speak "y-y you guys aren't r-r real."
"Oh is that what you think? Well we think this is pretty real."
Then start to run at him and Bill quickly turns around to go down the rope, but Beverly snatched the rope and Iyla grabs onto Bill.
Bill kicks them away and it holds them off for a minute but then they come right back.
Bill has just enough time to scurry down the rope but Iyla start to cut the rope with her razor sharp teeth.
Almost there...
Then the rope snaps.
Bill has just enough time to grab onto the ledge of the hole in the wall where the rest of the boys are.
"Don't worry Bill, soon enough you'll float too!" They say again as they leave Bill's sight.
The boys hoist Bill up into the opening and Bill just sits there for a minute.
"Are you alright?" Eddie asks.
"Y-y yes." Bill answers with fear still in his eyes.
"What happened?" Stan asks.
"I-I don't w-w want to talk about I-I it, let's just go find I-I Iyla and B-B Bev." Bill says.
The boys nod their heads and then walk down the tunnel.
They get to a big opening and look around to decide which tunnel to take when Richie feels a tap on his shoulder.
"Stop it Eddie!" Richie whisper yells.
"I'm not doing anything!" Eddie whisper yells back.
"Then who tapped me on the shoulder?" Richie asks the group who become aware of what is going on.
"Someone must have bumped into you." Mike says.
"It was probably nothing." Richie says.
The boys nod their heads and keep on walking.
Richie feels another tap on his shoulder.
"Guys stop playing tri" before Richie can finish his sentence a big hand with long finger nails grabs him and pulls them away from the group.
Fortunately Eddies notices.
"Richie!" Eddie calls in a panicked scream.
The rear of the group looks back to see Richie being pulled away by the rotten and decaying Iyla and Beverly.
They start to run after him but the girls are quicker.
They throw Richie against a wall and smile.
"Hi Richie! We've missed ya!" They say.
"No!" Richie yells.
"Yes Richie! Down here we all float and you can float too! You can float forever!" They say and laugh.
Richie looks to his side and sees and long piece of a broken pole and quickly picks it up and smacks the girls in the faces with it.
They fall down and Richie has enough time to go down one of the tunnels and he runs into the rest of the group.
"Richie!" Stan says.
"Run!" Richie yells.
The boys obey and start to run, eventually then run into a big room in the sewer system with a big mountain with children's toys.
They look around and Ben spots the girls floating in the air.
"Look!" Ben say as he points upwards.
"How are we going to get them down?" Mike asks.
"M-m maybe we can l-l lift each other up t-t to grab them?" Bill suggests.
They all agree and Mike lifts up Richie and he grabs Iyla, Ben lifts up Bill and he retrieves Beverly.
They pull the girls down but they aren't normal, their eyes glow and their heads are slumped back so they look lifeless.
"How do we fix them?" Stan asks.
"I have no idea." Mike replies.
The boys try shaking them, talking to them, and hugging them but nothing works, they are still glowing and lifeless.
Ben takes in a deep breath goes in for a kiss with Beverly.
Nothing happens.
Bill decides to go in for the kiss and he ducks his head and gives her a long kiss.
1 second of silence.
2 seconds of silence.
3 seconds of silence.
Then her eyes flutter back to normal and she takes in a deep breath.
Richie decides to give Iyla a kiss and her eyes go back to normal too.
"What happened?" Iyla asks.
"Long story." Richie replies.
"What happens next?" Beverly asks.
"W-w we have to go kill that f-f fucking clown." Bill says full of anger.
The losers examine their surroundings and Bill spots a little boy wearing a yellow raincoat.
He immediately runs to him and the rest of the losers follow him.
Bill gets to Georgie and takes a look at him.
His half of his right arm I missing and he is holding the same paper boat that Bill made for him a year ago.
"G-G Georgie." Bill says starting to tear up.
"He said I could have my boat back Billy."
"W-w was she fast?" Bill asks while the rest of the losers watch.
"I couldn't keep up with it." Georgie says.
"She Georgie" Bill says as he bites his lip then continues, " you call boats she."
"I miss you Bill, I want to go home!" Georgie says while crying.
"I miss you too Georgie, and I want more than anything for you too come home, with me, mom, and dad. But your not Georgie." Bill grabs the gun that Mike had and shoots it between Georgie's eyes, but it is not loaded.
Georgie falls to the ground and nothing happens.
"Oh shit, was that actually Georgie?" Iyla thinks.
The rest of the group looks at Bill to find out what to do, but their thoughts are interrupted by Georgie seizing on the ground.
Georgie starts to go taller and bigger and he eventually turns into Pennywise, who isn't moving, but just staring at the group.
Beverly is the first to grab a bat that was in the pile of toys and gives Pennywise a good hit in the head.
Pennywise regains consciousness and starts attacking.
Iyla grabs a pole, Ben grabs a stick, Mike grabs some random chains, Stan grabs a pole, Eddie grabs a pole, Richie grabs a wagon, and Bill grabs a bat.
Richie grabs the handle of the wagon and swings the wagon at Pennywise.
For a wagon it works out pretty effectively, giving Bill enough time to hit him in the stomach.
This gives the others enough time to go in and get some good hits on him, but then he moves his arm in one swift motion and all the losers go flying.
Pennywise runs to attack Stan in a weirdly tall distorted figure with a flute.
But Ben gets up and stabs Pennywise in the shoulder with the stick.
Beverly gets up and hits him in the head with the bat and he turns into Mr.Marsh.
He grabs Beverly with one swift move and starts playing around with her.
"Hiya Bevy! Are you still my girl?" He asks he while yanking on her hair.
"No!" Bev says.
"Wrong answer." He growls.
He opens his mouth and bites Beverly's upper left arm.
Beverly let's out a piercing scream and kicks him in the stomach, she falls to the ground and backs away.
Richie and Eddie decide to take their chances and run at Pennywise and start hitting him, Mike and Stan also join in and start whacking him.
Bill and Iyla also decide to join in and jump on his back and whack him in the face.
Pennywise starts spinning around in circles and Richie, Eddie, Stan, and Mike go flying and they hit the floor hard.
Bill and Iyla are still clinging onto Pennywise's back, and he realizes that. So he does this wrestling move where you flip the person off your back and in a headlock.
So there Iyla and Bill were in an excruciatingly tight headlock with red faces.
Pennywise grins "I will take them, and only them, you all will grow old and live happy lives until old age takes you to the weeds."
Iyla looks at Bill knowing that they are thinking the same thing, they aren't going to make it out of this.
"Leave." Iyla says but it is barely audible.
"Go." Bill says in a hoarse voice.
"No, we can't leave them." Beverly cries out to the group.
"But Bev, there is no other way." Eddie tells Beverly but he winks at her.
Then she catches on and turns to the group, "I guess your right, we have to go." Bev says in a fairly good defeated voice but she winks while doing it.
The rest of the group catches on.
"Can we give them hugs goodbye quickly?" Ben asks.
Pennywise thinks for a minute "fine" he growls for an answer and throws them to the group.
They put on the sad act for a while.
"I'm so sorry." Stan says.
"We will miss you guys." Ben says.
"Love you guys." Bill says and they all hug, then they break apart.
Now the plan goes into action.
They all grab whatever see from the toy pile and they start hitting Pennywise, catching him by surprise.
They give Pennywise hard hits and he falls to the ground and starts to scoot towards another well.
The losers club forms a half circle around Pennywise making sure he can't get away.
"Y-y you didn't kill B-Beverly and I-I Iyla, because they weren't a-a afraid. Now your t-t the one who's a-a afraid.
Pennywise does a stealthy back roll and starts to hang off the well.
"He thrusts his fists against the p-p posts but still insists he see t-t the g-g ghost." Pennywise whispers.
Bill gets ready to deliver the final blow.
Pennywise let's go and falls down the well.
The group crowds around the well to see if he is gone only to see an empty, dark hole.
"Well, now I know what I'm doing for my summer experience paper." Richie blurts out.
"I can only remember parts. But I can't get them out of my head." I tell the group.
Richie reaches over and squeezes my hand.
"I had a dream, that we were adults, but I can't remember how we looked, more so how we felt." Bev says.
Bill picks up a piece of a coke bottle that was on the ground.
"S-s swear that if I-I it comes back w-we will too." Bill says.
We all stand up and Bill cuts a slit in each of our right palms. Blood rushes out and a pulsing pain shoots through my hand.
My all hold hands to submit the oath and then let go.
" I hate you all." Stan says.
He shoots us all a glare but he breaks out into laughter.
"See ya." Eddie and Stan leave together.
"Bye." Mike says.
"See you later." Says Ben.
Bill, Bev, Richie and I are the only ones left.
"I should go too." Says Bev.
"M-me too." Bill says and they leave together.
Just like that it is just me and Richie.
"I should probably go too. I'll see you around." I say and start walking away.
I hear running come from behind me and I turn around.
Richie crushes his lips on mine and he holds my face. After a while we pull away.
"Call me?" He says
"Definitely." I assure him.
I watch him walk out of my sight and I am alone.
Wow that really happened, I think.

The End.

Authors note:
It's finally over.
I'm sorry it took so long to update, a lot has being going on. And honestly I wasn't the proudest of this book.
But I am making a new book that I'm really excited about! So stay tuned for that.
(Yes it will be It fanfic.)

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